Monday Motivation

It’s amazing how your body knows exactly what it needs sometimes. I woke up with a hankering for a good yoga class and had an awesome hour of asanas, stretching, meditation, and stillness.

In yoga, we are challenged to set an intention or dedication for the duration of the class. What do I wish to accomplish or what do I intend to do for the 60 minutes? If there are no intentions, we are to be ok with the circumstances.

Imagine what your life and body would look like if you decided to set an intention each day. It would bring new meaning and purpose, and even change your behavior.

Set an intention or dedication for your day, and life, today because a life without purpose is futile. Give it life!

Class Review: XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga

XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga Class description: An innovative class which focuses on the instruction and the attention of poses (asanas) and breathing (pryanayama) techniques. Both Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga will explore the disciplines of traditional Yoga. @ XSport Fitness I’ve done yoga … Continue reading