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4 Foods to Boost Your Workout

As reported by Kerri-Ann for the Huffington Post. Kerri-Ann is a registered nutritionist and associate editor of nutrition for Eating Well Magazine.


Apples – Eating an apple is a great way to boost exercise endurance. Apples are a good source of an antioxidant called quercetin. One study showed that quercetin — when taken in supplement form — helped people bike longer. Quercetin aids endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs. Grapes are another quercetin-rich fruit. As the saying goes, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”


Milk – You don’t need a “sports drink” to refuel after a workout. Regular or chocolate milk — both of which contain a mix of carbohydrate and protein — may work just as well. Chocolate milk is my repair drink of choice. Who doesn’t love an excuse to drink chocolate milk?

Yogurt – Constant training takes a toll on your immune system, leaving athletes susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections, but new research suggests that probiotics — the live active cultures in yogurt — may help keep you healthy. Moreover, yogurt has a balanced mix of carbs and protein, so it’s a great post-workout recovery fuel. I love Chobani non-fat plain Greek yogurt. It’s thick and creamy. Sometimes I dust a little chocolate whey protein powder on it for the extra protein and it also curbs my dessert cravings.

Honey – Recent research suggests that carb blends (foods containing fructose and glucose) may be superior to straight glucose for boosting energy during endurance activities. Consider honey: like sugar, it naturally has equal parts fructose and glucose, but it also contains a handful of antioxidants and vitamins. There’s no doubt that honey has some great properties, but be sure to use it sparingly because it’s still a sugar.