Monday Motivation

It’s amazing how your body knows exactly what it needs sometimes. I woke up with a hankering for a good yoga class and had an awesome hour of asanas, stretching, meditation, and stillness.

In yoga, we are challenged to set an intention or dedication for the duration of the class. What do I wish to accomplish or what do I intend to do for the 60 minutes? If there are no intentions, we are to be ok with the circumstances.

Imagine what your life and body would look like if you decided to set an intention each day. It would bring new meaning and purpose, and even change your behavior.

Set an intention or dedication for your day, and life, today because a life without purpose is futile. Give it life!

Monday Motivation: Perseverance

My friend Nelle left NYC this weekend. She left her “glamorous” job in advertising in search of joy and purpose as a rowing coach at her alma mater. She used to row in college and would often speak of it … Continue reading

The Calm Before and After the Storm

By now you’re probably tired of the post-Irene coverage in the news: the death toll, the photos of fallen trees and floods, how much the damage is costing various cities but I’ll leave you with one thought.

New Yorkers are infamous for being rude. For the record, we are not rude. We are highly misunderstood, busy, stressed, and tired. New Yorkers are respectful of each other’s time and space, so when something or someone infringes on either of the two we get a bit edgy. If you follow me on twitter (@gracekelle), you might have seen me tweet about this in the last week but I can’t stress it enough. Irene has brought peace to NYC. The hours leading up to the storm, New Yorkers making eye contact with one another, telling each other to “be safe”, walking gently and being polite. While the grocery stores were a bit frantic, people in general were ki

The difference? People were living with intention. With purpose. It was almost as if Irene was bringing the end of the earth.

I’m happy to report that the damage was not severe. We were in some respect spared and I feared that the city would go back to thinking that we were impervious to natural disaster and invincible. I am wrong. The city in the last few days has been still. Silent. People are going to work with a different attitude almost. Maybe it’s because the rain has washed away the dirt and grime- it’s a fresh start. Or maybe it’s because folks are out of town. Perhaps the potential catastrophe of Irene reminded New Yorkers of one September day ten years ago. People are living their lives with kindness, purpose and intention again.

I know this feeling won’t last long. But it reminds me that this is the way we are supposed to live every day. For me, weight loss has less to do with vanity than it does about living my life the way it was intended. For you, it may be your current job, a boyfriend, your city, your (lack of) money, or anything else. The point is that most of us are strolling along in life with excess fat or baggage and it is keep us from living life the way it was meant to be lived. LeanGirlsClub is about shedding whatever is keeping you heavy, whether it be weight or not.

Each day brings an Irene, a cleansing and a new beginning. Every day you wake up is another chance to live life with purpose, to make decisions with intention, and to be kind. If you can remind yourself of this every day somehow, you can weather any storm.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.