Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves

As January is coming to an end, I’m encouraged by the fact that the gym will be less crowded by the end of February. But the reality is that newbies and veterans are all guilty of annoying somebody. Here are the top gym pet peeves surveyed by Lean Girls, fitness fanatics on twitter, and myself.


10. When people come to the gym with makeup that’s been freshly reapplied or pour on the perfume/cologne. If you’re coming from work, we get it. But don’t put on a coat of mascara right before that Zumba class!

9. When people DO NOT wipe down the with disinfectant.

8. When people come to the gym sick. Please refer back to #9.

7. When people hog multiple sets of weights.

6. When people DO NOT return weights or any other equipment to their original location. Please refer also to #7.

5. When the fitness instructor or trainer has no idea what they’re doing and has worse form than you.

4. When people who are using the machine you need, sit there texting, watching TV, or rest for a really really really long time.

3. When people drop weights after a set. There’s usually a sign that says “please do not drop weights”.

2. When you are the only one doing cardio and then some other person comes up and uses the machine right next to you.  It’s like bathroom etiquette – occupy every other until it’s full!

1. When people walk around the locker room completely naked and have no intention of dressing.


There are too many to list. What did I miss? What’s your gym pet peeve? Leave a comment or tweet me @gracekelle with #gympetpeeve #leangirlsclub.