Post-Thanksgiving Detox

I don’t regret all the starchy, fatty things I ate during Thanksgiving. Not one bit. Not even the red velvet pancakes I made from scratch (I’ll be sharing the LGC recipe next week). I didn’t over do it this Thanksgiving, but I do feel a bit puffy from eating out of my normal regiment.

If you feel the same, the good news is that you still have time to do something about it. The puffiness is usually a result of the excess salt, starch, and sugar that retains water. It’s not permanent unless you let it be!

To help get rid of that holiday bloat and get back into your regularly fancy and fit self, join me in detoxing. I started this week and I promise it gets better by Day 3, which is today for me. Usually Day 1 is the hardest for me because breads and sugary goodness (and wine) seem to chase me down the halls, call me name, pin me down, and insert themselves into my mouth. I can’t help it!

To be clear, a detox is not a cleanse. I’m not drinking my food for the next week. I’m just eating clean, which means protein, lots of clean veggies, and a grain. I need a grain. You may not think you need the carbs, but I do in order to push myself in my workouts.

I personally love green juices after a weekend of gluttony. They’re quite purifying, especially one that’s made with kale, spinach, carrot, lemon juice, and ginger. Mmmm.

Are you detoxing this week? How’s it going? Let me know and I’ll make sure to check in on you!