Monday Motivation


Big shout out to my friends Liz M. and Liz T. for sharing this on their Facebook pages. Click on their names to check out their blogs! You may also remember Liz M. from one of the last few “This Lean Girl Rocks” features.

I like Chipotle. It’s one of my favorite fast-food alternatives because I can pick and choose what goes into my meal. Chipotle isn’t perfect, though. Burritos are the size of small children and can cost you your day’s calorie allotment. But if you choose wisely, Chipotle is a good choice as it offers a healthy assortment of organic meats and produce. I always get the salad with chicken, peppers and onions, a little hot sauce and pico de gallo. No rice, no dressing, no beans (high in sodium), no cheese. Sometimes I pick up some brown rice from the store and mix it with the salad for a balanced meal. Chipotle even has the CleanPlates seal of approval.

Whatever your opinion is of Chipotle, consider the message of the ad. Our food is not supposed to be processed in a plant. There’s supposed to be balance in our eco-system. We’re supposed to love animals and take care of them before we eat them. We used to be at peace with food and it used to love us back. What happened?

So today’s Monday Motivation: do you “love” the food that is on your plate? Did it bring you peace?