BeFit(NYC) – Free and Low Cost Fitness Activities

 photo credit: gracekelle I love this photo from my LA trip- it’s currently my desktop photo. Doesn’t this view make you want to jump in the water? For many of us, this just reminds us that we have to be … Continue reading

Sweat This Stuff

Everyday I encounter something new that catches my eye and want to try. Everything from a new snack, gadget, class at the gym or a new song… These are the things that keep me coming back for more. I Sweat … Continue reading

Workout Wednesday: Justin Senense of RBPT & Giveaway

photo credit: Rich Barretta Many of you know that I won training sessions at Rich Barretta Private Training (RBPT) as part of my popchips New Year, New Rear winnings. RBPT is a private training studio in NYC founded by the … Continue reading