I’ve Moved

One of my new year’s resolutions is to self-host my blog. Congrats, I’ve already accomplished my goal. But the problem is that moving you all with me in a bit complicated and is going to take some time.

So while I figure out how to move you over, head on over to my NEW leangirlsclub for the latest posts. While the site name is the same, the mapping is different. It’s a whole lot of tech stuff that I’ve learned in the last few weeks and I feel as though my brain will explode. Why cause myself the headache?

Self hosting allows me to have greater control over my blog and what is included. It also allows me to present myself in the best light so that you’ll be more engaged and entertained. Lastly, it allows me to grow – not only in readers, but in knowledge. I’ve learned a t

remendous amount just in the last few weeks. If I can do this, I can do anything. I feel super empowered. 

If you are an email subscriber (meaning you receive notifications of new posts via email), I will be able to move you over myself. For the time being you won’t get email updates notifying you of new posts. So thank you in advance for being patient.

If you are a wordpress (dot) com subscriber (meaning you read it through your WP blog) the sad news is that I am unavailable to move you over. Even though I’m on wordpress (dot) org now, the two are completely independent. Wish I had known this before! My sincerest apologies about the inconvenience but I would GREATLY appreciate it if you will continue to follow my blog. I know I will continue to follow yours no matter what!

I hope to see you over at the new LeanGirlsClub.




Sports Bra-la-la

While watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this week, I realized that sports bras get very little attention when they do so much. Did you know that the first sports bra was two jockstraps joined together?
Our boobs (sorry, guys) don’t just move up and down the move side to side. Sports bras aren’t meant to just squish and press down your boobs, they should be just as supportive as your everyday bra. Look for one that has a supportive band, straps, and encapsulates your breasts in cups. If it looks like your training bra from when you were 12, don’t buy it. Here are my favorites.
*Note: my apologies if you received an incomplete Sports Bra post. I mistakenly posted from polyvore without knowing it would send to blog! Oh, technology.
Sports Bras 2012

Under armour
$61 – zalando.co.uk

Fit In Fitness

The marathon was cancelled and I’ve lost all desire to go to workout. I knew I wanted to take a break after the marathon, but need to remember that I can’t completely let go.

So instead of pushing myself to go to the gym, I’ve found alternate ways to burn some calories this late fall:

1. Raking leaves. Did you know if burns about 150 calories per 30 minutes? While I’ve never been a fan of yard work, I proactively decided to rake leaves for my dad since he’s getting older. Isn’t amazing how our attitude changes everything? I actually enjoyed the time outdoors and got a decent arm work out.

2. Long Walks. Granted it’s not as much the cardiovascular exercise that running is but there’s something really peaceful and serene about a long walk. I’ve been walking home from work, across the 59th street bridge into Queens. It’s a little over a 4 mile walk and burns about 400 calories if I speed walk. The view is also spectacular. If you are unable to walk to/from work, I strongly encourage you to find a trail that you can hike on weekends.

3. Cleaning and organizing. Ok, this wasn’t really isn’t considered working out but it still gets you moving and that’s the point. Scrubbing tubs, mopping floors, going through my closet and dragging donations to the Good Will gets my heart pumping. Cleaning for an hour burns just under 200 calories per hour!

4. Jump roping – it’s not just for kids. Jump roping at a moderate speed torches 120 calories every 10 minutes. That’s comparable to a good run. I use a weighted jump rope to get a nice arm work out in – you’ll feel he burn after 30 seconds!

What do you do when you don’t want to go to the gym?

Book Review: My Life On The Run

I don’t usually read personal memoirs for two reasons:
1. No one’s life fascinates me THAT much.
2. One who has a fascinating life does not mean one possesses the skills to write a book.

My friend Brianne picked up a copy for me when she met the author and running maverick Bart Yasso at a Mizuno event in NYC. She proceeded to tell me how inspiring he was and how he encouraged her to run, even though her doctors advise against it. little did I know that my friend Had just met a road race celebrity. The book’s been sitting on my shelf for almost a year until this past week when Sandy kept me indoors. I figured it would also help me calm nerves for the marathon.

“My Life On The Run” chronicles the challenges and triumphs of Yasso, Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World magazine, and that’s and understatement. Yasso’s stories are sometimes unbelievable because one thing that is apparent is the man is crazy: 1000+ races (marathons, ultra marathons, relays…) including a cross country bike ride in three weeks on seven different continents. Imagine the amount of travel, the extreme weather conditions, the lack of hospitality, and the different kinds of food (he’s a vegetarian). Those don’t make for a comfortable or easy journey. On top of it all, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease early in his career.

I’m not touting Yasso to be a superman or someone to be adored. Instead, I thank him for reminding me of all the reasons I fell in love with running: the people, the sites, the travel, and most importantly the human spirit.

Yasso’s greatest accomplishment with his book is that he reminds people, runner or not, that we are capable of far more than we think. Most of the time, the thing that separates us from greatness is ourselves and our fear. Running redirects our energy and gives us an opportunity to clear fear out of our heads and replace it with dreams. Once those dreams are acknowledged they have a chance at becoming reality.

Thanks Bart Yasso, for your humor, insight, and honesty. This is the kind of book I hope to write one day, one that inspires those around me to live a life worth living.

Spring Wardrobe

It’s 70 degrees in NYC today (it’s been a crazy mild winter in NYC), which has got this Lean Girl dreaming about spring. What excites me most about spring? Being able to run outdoors and all the bright workout gear.

Lucy Race Me Capri – $69

Lucy Soul Yoga V Neck – $55

Nike Free Run+2 in Turquoise White-Pink – $89.97

ADIDAS by Stella McCartney Essentials Sweat Pants in Core Blue – $100

Sweat This Stuff

Everyday I encounter something new that catches my eye and want to try. Everything from a new snack, gadget, class at the gym or a new song… These are the things that keep me coming back for more. I Sweat … Continue reading