I’ve Moved

One of my new year’s resolutions is to self-host my blog. Congrats, I’ve already accomplished my goal. But the problem is that moving you all with me in a bit complicated and is going to take some time.

So while I figure out how to move you over, head on over to my NEW leangirlsclub for the latest posts. While the site name is the same, the mapping is different. It’s a whole lot of tech stuff that I’ve learned in the last few weeks and I feel as though my brain will explode. Why cause myself the headache?

Self hosting allows me to have greater control over my blog and what is included. It also allows me to present myself in the best light so that you’ll be more engaged and entertained. Lastly, it allows me to grow – not only in readers, but in knowledge. I’ve learned a t

remendous amount just in the last few weeks. If I can do this, I can do anything. I feel super empowered. 

If you are an email subscriber (meaning you receive notifications of new posts via email), I will be able to move you over myself. For the time being you won’t get email updates notifying you of new posts. So thank you in advance for being patient.

If you are a wordpress (dot) com subscriber (meaning you read it through your WP blog) the sad news is that I am unavailable to move you over. Even though I’m on wordpress (dot) org now, the two are completely independent. Wish I had known this before! My sincerest apologies about the inconvenience but I would GREATLY appreciate it if you will continue to follow my blog. I know I will continue to follow yours no matter what!

I hope to see you over at the new LeanGirlsClub.




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