Give Thanks For

(I) Give Thanks For:

the delicious food and wine I’m about to inhale.

dry socks, because wet socks are aggravating.

strong legs that endure mile after mile.

wonderful people who love me in spite of all my flaws and inspire me to be better.

a patient boyfriend who gives me the freedom to experiment and try different things, even if it seems crazy.

the ability to think, dream, and doodle because without which there would be no hope.

good health, because nothing replaces that.

the opportunity to work in an industry that most only dream of.

being able to afford yoga classes, races, or anything else that you can technically do for free but still pay to participate.

a local running organization that hosts a race every week, I’ve learned this week that this is rare.

and last but certainly not least – amazing LGC readers. I am truly grateful, humbled, and hope to bring you more exciting, inspiring content in the future. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


There’s so much more for which I’m grateful and I don’t want today to be the only day in which I express my gratitude. I made this “Give Thanks For” frame inspired by the “I Love You Because” frames I’ve seen on pinterest. You can use a dry erase marker to finish the sentence every day. Check out T&K, the other blog I co-write, for supplies and instructions.

Have a wonderful, carb-filled, starchy and delicious Thanksgiving Holiday.









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