Fit In Fitness

The marathon was cancelled and I’ve lost all desire to go to workout. I knew I wanted to take a break after the marathon, but need to remember that I can’t completely let go.

So instead of pushing myself to go to the gym, I’ve found alternate ways to burn some calories this late fall:

1. Raking leaves. Did you know if burns about 150 calories per 30 minutes? While I’ve never been a fan of yard work, I proactively decided to rake leaves for my dad since he’s getting older. Isn’t amazing how our attitude changes everything? I actually enjoyed the time outdoors and got a decent arm work out.

2. Long Walks. Granted it’s not as much the cardiovascular exercise that running is but there’s something really peaceful and serene about a long walk. I’ve been walking home from work, across the 59th street bridge into Queens. It’s a little over a 4 mile walk and burns about 400 calories if I speed walk. The view is also spectacular. If you are unable to walk to/from work, I strongly encourage you to find a trail that you can hike on weekends.

3. Cleaning and organizing. Ok, this wasn’t really isn’t considered working out but it still gets you moving and that’s the point. Scrubbing tubs, mopping floors, going through my closet and dragging donations to the Good Will gets my heart pumping. Cleaning for an hour burns just under 200 calories per hour!

4. Jump roping – it’s not just for kids. Jump roping at a moderate speed torches 120 calories every 10 minutes. That’s comparable to a good run. I use a weighted jump rope to get a nice arm work out in – you’ll feel he burn after 30 seconds!

What do you do when you don’t want to go to the gym?


One thought on “Fit In Fitness

  1. I love to hike, but haven’t been in ages. Always wanted to try a hike near Malibu. And I haven’t been to Runyon Canyon in ages. But I’ve been to the gym regularily lately and booked three sessions with a trainer to get into the weights. I love cardio and can walk on the treadmill happily for an hour using interval training, but am soooo lazy when it comes to building up muscle. Btw: The view on your walk looks amazing! I have to visit NYC again. Miss it.

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