Lessons Learned from My First Mud Run

As a consolation prize for being her maid-of-honor, Kara invited me to run the first annual Lovettsville Fire and Rescue Mud Run with her and her cousins. Since it was our first mud run our goal was not to set a world record, but rather to have fun and let loose after a year of wedding planning. Needless to say, we had a great time getting down and dirty and even surprised ourselves with how many of the obstacles we could do.

As always, I learned a few things for the next time I do a mud run.

  1. Travel Wisely – It’s safe to say that most mud runs are not taking place in your neighborhood. I had to drive an hour towards West Virginia and got completely lost. Leave early, have a GPS with you, or print several different maps. Most likely you’ll be in an area where there’s poor reception too.
  2. Pack a bag – After the race, you’ll likely be hosed down and not have access to a shower. Fill it with: two towels (one for you to immediately dry off with and one to lay on your car seat), a plastic bag for your shoes and other dirty items, extra clothes if you can change, a zip lock bag for your keys and cell phone, and a make up remover cloth. The make up remover cloth will help you freshen up immediately afterwards until you get to a shower.
  3. Wear clothes and shoes you never want to wear again. Even after a wash cycle, my clothes are still slightly muddy.
  4. Wear form fitting clothing. The baggier the clothes, the more likely you’ll be weighed down after a run through the mud pit.  You’ll need all the energy for the obstacles.
  5. Allergies – For those who are allergic to almost everything, take a Zyrtec or any other anti-histamine. I had a nice allergic reaction and rash afterwards 🙂

Have you ever done a mud run? Do you have any tips to share?

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