Random Goodness

1. Congrats to Marcie for winning the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp DVD– Get ready to feel the burn!

2. On Sunday I had the opportunity to share my weight-loss journey with my church, The Journey 🙂 We shot this video to supplement what I said on Sunday and this isn’t a how-to video by any means, it’s  rather a sharing of how I’ve struggled with always wanting more (weight loss) and comparing myself to others – two habits that are completely unhealthy and the detrimental to your well being. You can watch it here on the Journey’s Facebook page.

3. Today is my birthday. I’m taking a mini-staycation to celebrate the all the goodness in my life. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things that aren’t going right that I forget that I have great health, great friends/family, a platform to write and connect with you, an one-in-a-million opportunity to work in music, and a chance to wake up every day and laugh. For all those things, and more, I am truly grateful. Today I will start the day with a work out with Justin and then who knows. I’ve always wanted to be like the French and sit at a cafe with a cappuccino and watch people walking by. Today that will be me. And then I’ll eat this cake.

4 thoughts on “Random Goodness

  1. Happy BIrthday, girlfriend! You totally rock! Have a wonderful day.
    And, oh my goodness! Thank you, Grace! So excited to use the dvd to crosstrain for the marathon! Thank you! I never win anything!

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