Stretching like a Skinny Girl

I admit that I don’t nearly spend enough time stretching even though it’s my favorite part of any workout. I guess when I’m not working with my trainer or taking a class I’m always so anxious to get to my next appointment that I don’t nearly spend as much time stretching. Is this the same for you?

For the last week I’ve been following the Bethenny Frankel Skinny Girl Workout – the stretching segment. You can download it on iTunes for free.

I find Bethenny herself quite annoying but I can’t deny that I’ve been sleeping better, waking up better, have been more alert during the day and have been slouching less. That’s a lot to give credit for, but I genuinely feel better after a week of stretching. Every night I’ve cracked something (not that cracking anything should be the point of stretching) and it feels, oh, so good! The best part is that it only takes ten minutes. That may sound like a lot for stretching but it goes by, oh, so quickly!




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