Spring Fling: Lean Girl Vacations

This week’s warm weather seriously has me itching to be outside and away from the office. Ironically, I’ve somehow magically ended up on a gratis mailing list for Travel & Leisure magazine. A (Lean) girl can only dream of visiting the places mentioned in the publication!  Since I’m saving my vacation days for all the weddings I am attending this year, here are some mini-vacations I dream about:

The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Spring Retreat – Three days in upstate NY fill with hiking, boot camp classes, yoga, healthy food, spa treatments and more. This is not your momma’s fat camp. It’s a weekend of rest and isolated focus on yourself. How often did you wish that you could escape to “the ranch” like in the Biggest Loser? This is the closest thing to reality.

When: April 6 – April 8

Cost: Varies


The Poconos – there isn’t one particular resort that’s calling my name but rather the champagne tub at Cove Haven Resorts. LGC featured writer Emily dreams of going here more than I do. Maybe we should arrange a LGC retreat? 🙂 What’s not to love? It’s a 10 ft tub in the shape of a champagne glass! And you can sip some champagne IN the champagne tub.


Napa 2 Sonoma Half Marathon – While I may be saving my mileage for the NYC Marathon   this November, one race I have on my bucket list is the Napa 2 Sonoma Half Marathon. I’ve never been to Napa but the thought of running through wine country and then concluding with wine tours (yes, tourS with an “s”) and wine tastings is titilating. Now if only we can pair the wine and the chocolate…


When: July 15, 2012

Cost: $125 registration + travel

I’d love to hear about where you dream of vacationing or where you’re going this year. Leave a comment!

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