Monday Motivation

Don’t let the calorie monsters keep you away from the (food) closet. Be honest about what you want and don’t be afraid! Just like we all had to learn that there aren’t monsters in the closet, or monsters in general, so we have to learn that food is nothing to be afraid of. Food is what fuels our bodies to run, play with our kids (or in my case, other people’s babies), window shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, or laugh until our bellies hurt. We need food. We need the calories.

While I’d like to blame the little calorie monsters for my weight gain in the past, let’s be honest…it’s not entirely their fault. I also didn’t exercise, and I chose the wrong things to eat. Lesson learned: it’s better to eat 2000 calories per day of vegetables, lean proteins, grains, and other things that come from the earth than 1200 calories of cotton candy, chocolate, and cake. It’s the quality of those calories that matters just as much.

So what are you afraid of?



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