Sweet Talk

I’m hosting a women’s social networking mixer in two weeks. I recently realized that I didn’t have any hobbies. My New Year’s resolutions involved starting/maintaining a blog where I can channel my passion for health and fitness (check) and doing something creative. In January I had no idea what that creative thing was.

Behold Sweet Talk – A Ladies’ Night of Cocktails, Conversations & Confections. My super creative friend Liz and I designed this event to create a positive atmosphere for NYC women to connect with amazing women doing amazing things, encourage each other, get dressed up and have a great time. That’s what I also want LeanGirlsClub to be. While women have a reputation for being catty and bitchy, especially in NYC, I know deep down we are not. We all speak of those women, but it’s never us. But the truth is, we are part of the problem. I’m sure that I have been rude, have been unsupportive, jealous and passive aggressive. (To those ladies, my sincerest apologies.)

I don’t mention this to plug my event…although, I would be more than delighted if you purchased a ticket and attended. I wanted to address the dress code: “please wear your favorite, sexiest pair of shoes.”

This isn’t a request to wear heals and make women uncomfortable all night.  Being that this is a night for empowering women, we wanted women to dress in a way that makes them feel good. A good pair of shoes does wonders for self-esteem. I don’t know a single woman who puts on a fresh pair of sneakers or a rockin’ pair of heels and doesn’t feel more confident, sexy, powerful, intelligent. A good shoe can do that for you.

A good pair of shoes is a girl’s best friend. While pants sizes may go up and down and judge us for gaining a bit of weight, a good pair of shoes is always on your side. It’s the good friend that tells you that you look great, no matter what size. A good shoe makes you feel like you can take on the world. A good shoe tells you that your value comes from something beyond the scale or your dress size. A good shoe goes the extra mile with you.

I hope you have a good pair of shoes in your life.

Mine? These Nike Free.


And then maybe one day, these Louboutins 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sweet Talk

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I have a friend’s pre-marathon dinner that night, but will keep my eyes peeled for next month’s meeting 🙂 I completely agree that NYC women (especially in the fitness blogging community) tend to be way more supportive and friendly than catty.

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