Monday Motivation: Perseverance

My friend Nelle left NYC this weekend. She left her “glamorous” job in advertising in search of joy and purpose as a rowing coach at her alma mater. She used to row in college and would often speak of it fondly. While helping her pack the day before she left, we found this poster.

“Perseverance – There is no substitution for hard work.” Many times in our journey it seems as though we are in a boat all alone. There appears to be no one around and it’s just you. Rowing. It doesn’t seem like you’re going anywhere. There’s just water, water everywhere.

There are times you exercise. There’s no movement on the scale. You eat a salad. You don’t feel any better. You work at your marriage. Ehhh. You work really hard at your job. Silence.

The thing that separates the Lean Girl from the next girl is that the Lean Girl doesn’t give up. She’s got her eye on the prize, no matter how far it seems. She’s also wise enough to evaluate whether she’s rowing hard, or just paddling. As Sir Winston Churchill so wisely advised…

“Perseverance – Continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential.” – Sir Winston Churchill

So, keep rowing.


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