Sinless Scoop: The Political Edition

Sample this week’s sinless scoop — the latest news in health, fitness and food.


It was the biggest news in politics of the last month. No, not the debt ceiling talk meltdown (and last night’s save)  between the President and Congress. I’m talking about another “sugar-coated satan sandwich.”


And not just a burger: A burger. And fries. And a milkshake. A grand total of 1,700 calories.

Depending on what you believe about the media, you believe this blog post by the Washington Post is either (1) pointing out the first lady’s liberal hypocrisy for secretly eating only junk food herself while touting her LET’S MOVE initiative to help end childhood obesity, (2) pointing out the media’s liberal bias  in its willingness to defend the first lady’s decision to eat the burger or (3) pitch perfect. No, it’s not worth a news story. But it is worth a blog post. It’s an interesting tidbit, and a good opportunity to remind, as the nutrition expert quoted in this post does, “that healthy eating is about balance not perfection.”

Read more: Michelle Obama orders a 1,700-calorie meal at Shake Shack (44: Politics and Policy in Obama’s Washington by the Washington Post)

Prince Charles shills herbal remedies?

Apparently, he does. It’s called Duchy Herbals, and it includes a detox tincture made from artichoke and dandelion. And that has “the world’s first professor of complementary medicine” (British, I think, for “alternative medicine”) calling the prince a “snake-oil salesman” in one of The Guardian’s most-read articles this weekend.

Question: What are your thoughts on alternative medicines and herbal remedies?

Read more: Edzard Ernst: The Professor At War With The Prince (The Guardian)

How do you like your Mondays? Rare? Well-done? Or meat-free?

Sir Paul McCartney is On the Run — or, on a run of tours that kicked off in New York and landed last night in Chicago (where this Lean Girl cheered him from the sixth row of the stadium seating). His liege brought with him his Meat Free Monday campaign, which he started, according to the MFM website, because he cares about what he eats and what is happening to the environment. According to the site, “By giving up meat for one day each week you can save money, reduce your environmental impact and live a healthier life.” And, apparently, play a three-hour show, in terrific voice, with no breaks, at the tender age of 69.

Read more: Meat Free Monday, also Concert Review: Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field (Chicago Tribune) and Paul McCartney Lives It Up With A Little Friendly Help At Wrigley Field (Chicago Sun-Times)

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