Race Recap: Run for Central Park

Happy Monday Lean Girls! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with great work outs, sun and delicious fruits. This weekend I ran race #4 of the 9 I need to qualify for the 2012 ING NYC Marathon. I ran the 4 Miles Race for Central Park with NYRR. My best pace while training for the 2009 ING NYC Marathon was 10:24 minutes per mile. After starting with Justin, I cut it to 9:45 min per mile. Since I hadn’t ran a race since May, I was determined to beat my best pace.

I love running and working out in the mornings, but waking up is a struggle for me. Maybe it’s the fact that I usually don’t go to sleep until after midnight, or maybe it’s because I love sleep. I had a slice of Ezekial bread (which is my new love) and some fruit to fuel up…something I’m still learning from Justin. I never used to eat before a morning workout or run. I was always more concerned with the fastest way to burn fat.

Speaking of burning, it was hot on Saturday. Even at 8 am before the race, I was starting to sweat. I often have to remind myself that sweating is all part of summer! The race started exactly at 8 am, but because of the amount of people I didn’t make it to the start until after 8:08 am. The start was crowded and I could barely jog. Surely this would affect my time. I was frustrated. There were people walking and blocking the path. Move out of the way! I wanted to yell 😉

While I was hot and thirsty, I skipped the first water station to speed past the crowd. I had to make up for lost time. My lungs were burning going up the hills, but I was determined to use a time when most people slow down for me to speed up. My plan had worked. I zipped past a ton of people and just kept going. My brain wanted to stop, but I wouldn’t let it. Never listen to your brain when it comes to exercise! I’ve learned that our bodies can take way more than we think. Pain is a different story. If you feel pain, you should definitely stop!

While four miles in the sun seemed long at the beginning, it passed really quickly. And let’s not forget, the faster we run the faster we’re done.  I didn’t run with my ipod, but I consumed my thoughts with the beautiful NY skyline and the trees. It’s amazing how the life in trees and grass breathes life into our lungs. Literally. They make oxygen for a reason!

I’m happy to report that I did beat my best pace. I went from 9:45 minutes per mile, to 9:29. YAY!!!!

Do you run? What keeps you motivated to push through tough hills or other obstacles?  Me? I think of all the yummy things I can eat after the race 🙂

4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Run for Central Park

  1. Grace!!! Congratulations!! Great job on the PR on such a hot day!! The start of NYRR are so tough, even with the corrals that are supposed to help. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the day! Im so excited for you!!

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