Sinless Scoop: Sum-sum-summertime and ooh! Peanut butter!

Sample this week’s sinless scoop — the latest news in health, fitness and food.

Farmer’s Markets: Officially the Best Part of Summer

There are reasons I love farmer’s markets: The apple cider with the chunks of fresh apple bobbing in it at the farmer’s market in Union Square in New York City. The fresh-baked pineapple coconut muffin at the market in suitably tropical Fernandina Beach, Fla. The bouquets of kale in Minneapolis — just as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to eat! If you’ve yet to discover the wonders your local farmer’s market, here’s a few tips to set you on your way.

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And the Best Place to Nap Is…

Maybe the second-best part of summer? The hammock. And that’s just science: Not only does the gentle swing of the hammock rock you to sleep faster, but also it lulls you into a deeper sleep. No doubt the whiskey lemonade in your hand helps, too!

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Drink More Coffee

Not one for naps? Go ahead and reach for the coffee. (Iced, with a splash of nonfat milk and no sugar — NOT a frappuccino. Then you’re straying a little bit from the healthy. And that’s not even coffee!) There’s some mystery ingredient in that cup that actually can help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, also according to a science.

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Party on!

You can march in place and do some jumping jack and squat and kick… or you can host a party! Now there’s an exercise I can get behind!

Question: What’s your favorite fun, nontraditional way to burn some calories?

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Oh, for delicious!

I think we all know how I feel about peanut butter. I might be hosting a lot of parties this summer…

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