Birthday Bonanza Giveaway

Today is the day. Today is my birthday. For the last week I’ve been working hard for this day. The day when calories supposedly don’t count. I’ve been running faster, longer and lifting harder in anticipation of all the delectable things I am going to eat today and this weekend. (I’m actually meeting fellow blogger and friend Lisa on Saturday. Yay!) Justin also has a nice birthday butt kicking in store for me today.

I’ve been told birthday calories don’t count. It’s a total lie, but I’m allowing myself one day where I don’t think about calories, what I have to do to burn what, or any of that stuff. But on June 30, you can bet that my butt will be back in the gym.

Usually people give gifts to the birthday girl but I thought in honor of today, I would do the opposite and gift to a lucky Lean Girl with a giveaway.

Today’s prize is a beautiful, canary yellow mini-purse from Ann Taylor. I just tried to find it on their website but couldn’t. It’s from their spring collection. Chanel link-chain inspired.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good purse. So much that I had to make it a new year’s resolution not to buy one this year.

Here’s how to enter this week’s giveaway:

1. Subscribe to LeanGirlsClub on the right hand side of homepage. If you are already a subscriber, you’re already entered. If you refer a friend and they subscribe, you will get another entry. In order to prove that you referred someone, you must send me her email to verify (leangirlsclub at gmail dot com).

2. Leave a comment sharing your favorite birthday memory.

Entires will be accepted until 11:59 pm on July 4, 2011. Only entries for readers in the U.S.A. will be accepted. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza Giveaway

  1. Happy birthday!! Can’t wait to see you Saturday!!
    What a cool giveaway, you always do have the best purses! (And great style all the way around!)

  2. My favorite birthday memory is from the 3rd grade. I wore this awful looking multi colored geometric dress, but have the sweetest memories (and pictures!) of that special day. It took place in our apartment and I had invited other friends living in the same building. My mother was the lovely hostess who had prepared pizza, cake, ice cream, and other snacks. One look at the pictures tells you that my smile was genuinely a happy one. I was the happiest 3rd grader in the universe 🙂

    • Abby- thanks for sharing. Amazing how the simplest things make us happy. Wouldn’t it be fun to recreate that picture as an adult? Find a multi colored geometric maxi dress, eat gourmet pizza, fancy cake and grown up ice cream? Mmmm….or maybe that’s what I’m doing tonight? 🙂

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, G.K.! I think one of my favorites was our joint birthday party, the night we discovered The Thirsty Scholar and Kara ended up behind the arcade machine. 😉

  4. mcemilywrites – thank you! The Thirsty Scholar will always hold a special place in my heart. I have many photos from that night that I should share with you. Was just looking at them last night. We’re both much “leaner” now than back then!

  5. Hope your birthday and all the yummy treats were fabulous!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway! My birthday is July 5!! My favorite birthday memory was last year…I got to spend a day with my sis & mom (who live 2hrs away), we picked fresh peaches, shopped, ate P.H. Chang, and I had my first Krispie Kreme! Loved the family time! God Bless!

      • Well, I live in Arkansas so about 5 minutes from my sister’s house is a peach orchard and right around this time every year they open to the public for people to come and pick by the bushel and purchase fresh peaches. It’s fun and I did take lots of pics. Thank you SO much for the giveaway 🙂

  6. happy birthday! hope it’s great!

    one of my most memorable birthdays was when my friends had a party for me called “Kelly’s Favorite Things” – named after “Oprah’s Favorite Things” – and we did karoake at my friend’s apartment. I was so touched that they put so much effort into it!

  7. Happy belated birthday! My favorite b-day memory is from 2009, when I turned 29 and I was in Koln, Germany with my husband on our honeymoon. We went on a “geburtstagfahrt” which was a free birthday ride on a Rhine River cruise. So much fun being an immature 29 year old and asking for a “fahrt.” I also enjoyed German beer, bread, and Milka chocolate on that day, which made this foodie happy!

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