This Lean Girl Rocks: Liz

We haven’t featured a Lean Girl in a while so I’m pleased to introduce Liz. Liz is the LGC Giveaway winner of the free training session with my trainer Justin of Rich Barretta Private Training. Since her first session a few months ago, Liz has been working regularly with Justin and…well, I’ll let Liz tell you the rest.

Written by: Liz M.

I’ve never, by anyone’s definition, been called or felt skinny. I was, however, very athletic. I played just about every sport growing up. Football, basketball, softball, volleyball, you name it, I played it. I had what you’d say an athletic body. I wasn’t thin nor fat physically, but I’ve always felt that I was bigger than the rest of my teammates. But I’ve accepted it because I thought it was genetics. I was born “big-boned” and eating healthy was never an issue because I was always active, so I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. But I’ve always wanted to be skinnier and I’ve always been self conscious about my body.

Fast forward six years, school’s over and with no sport to keep me active, I’ve completely let myself go. Replacing classes and training with work and drinks/dinner with friends, I am at the heaviest and probably the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. I wasn’t working out and I definitely wasn’t eating healthily. When I walk by the Mexican and Chinese take out places by my place on the way to the subway, the employees would wave hi to me and whenever I walk in, they already knew my order. I never wanted to lose weight and be healthy as much as I do now. But it wasn’t until I started reading Grace’s Lean Girls Blog that I got inspired to finally do something about it. So when I had won the free session with Justin that was offered on her blog, I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. I knew this was going to be a gruesome work out for my body especially since it’s been years since I’ve really pushed myself physically.

The first session with Justin was not pretty. I was way out of shape and what was worse was that I had extremely poor eating habits. I also was not a water drinker, in fact, I’d drink anything BUT water, so as you can see, everything was working against me in my battle with weight and health. But after some even more gruesome work out sessions and healthy eating discussions with Justin, I am happy to say that I am on the road to discovery. I now know that just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it tastes bad or bland. I also know how to correctly do lunges and squats. A normal work out session for me usually starts off with about 15 minutes on the elliptical or the stationary bike with a medium to heavy resistance as a warm up and then weight training.

I noticed that I hate the first 30 minutes of working out and LOVE the last half. I still have a long way to go from reaching my goal. I’m striving for a realistic and reasonable outcome and I know now that what I want is NOT impossible. I still feel like I’m bigger than most girls, but instead of accepting it like I have in the past and using genetics as an excuse against losing weight, I realized that it doesn’t have to be that way. I have full control over what I can and should look and feel like by monitoring what goes in my body and how much work my body does. And I have fun doing so!

 Q&A with Liz

Her favorite, healthy go-to meal: Grilled chicken and brown rice. It looks bland because it’s not colorful but add a dash of salt and pepper and lemon and I got one tasty meal!

Her favorite exercise and why: Anything with weights. I’m amazed at how much my arms ache after I do them. And sit ups, because it’s the easiest work out for me.

How frequently she exercises: 5 days a week, my normal routine and another 20-30 minutes on the elliptical/stationary bike afterwards.

Her tip for all Lean Girls: Keep at it for a little while. I hated working out at first but then I eventually came to love it and how I felt afterwards! And update your music play list often. Rockin’ music always gives me an extra boost of energy. The time, money and effort are all worth it!

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