Top 10 Health Lessons from Dr. J

Dr. Jesson Manukonda (Dr. J) is author of “Overcome Diabetes Naturally” and MD who practices Contemporary and Alternative Medicine. The basis of his practice is to promote natural treatments rather than prescription drugs. I had the pleasure of attending a nutrition seminar at Club Fitness in NY this weekend to hear him speak. Many of his points we’ve all heard before: avoid refined, repackaged and processed foods, anything white (flour, bread, potatoes, sugar, etc), alcohol, caffeine, soda, artificial sweeteners, etc. But Dr. J’s goes even further to explain why. His main message was that most diseases are caused by mineral and vitamin loss brought upon by a lack of exercise, poor diet and oxidative damage. There are “mineral leechers” around us and in our so-called foods that prevent our bodies from getting the proper nutrients we need to function properly. While his book’s title directly addresses diabetes, his methods and teachings are used to prevent lifestyle induced diseases of all sorts: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and more.

While I didn’t agree with everything he taught, I’m a big proponent of natural remedies and agree that many of today’s ailments can be prevented or treated if people ate better and exercised. We are not garbage cans. We can’t consume garbage and expect to run like porches. The following is the Top 10 Health Lessons from Dr. J’s seminar. They’re either items I thought you Lean Girls would find most interesting or they’re things that I need to work on the most! 🙂

1. Eat slow. We consume the most calories in the first five minutes of our meals.

Lean Girl Tip: put your fork down or take a sip of water between bites.

2. Stop microwaving foods– zapping your food will zap its nutrients.

Lean Girl Tip: defrost your frozen foods overnight in a cold bowl of water. Obviously, keeping them in their plastic baggies.

3. Avoid bottled water. Some bottled water has added preservatives. Instead, invest in a filter at home.

Lean Girl Tip: If you think tap water tastes funky, add slices of lemon, cucumber, mint leaves or cinnamon sticks to your water for added flavor.

4. Avoid canned foods. Aside from the high sodium content, most can openers drop metal shavings into the can. Dr. J recommends finding a can opener with a magnetic wheel to collect the shavings. He sells one version here.

5. Avoid friend foods. Some restaurants and food companies use silicone to make fried food extra crispy. Yuck!

6. Not so fun fact: some ice cream companies use an additive that blocks the signal that communicates fullness to your brain. No wonder I can eat an entire tub!

7. Abdominal fat is directly related to heart health. Excess abdominal fat not only stretches your waist line, but excess fat can flow in putting pressure on your chest and internal organs. Fat often skews the heart to the right.

8. Men’s waists should be under 37” and women’s waists should be under 32”.

9. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Your metabolism slows down and your body goes into storage mode. (I need to work on this the most! My days get so busy that I’ll go hours without eating and then I use up all my calories at night.)

Lean Girl Tip: Soak oats overnight. Combine with fruit and flax seeds in the morning and you have a great breakfast. Also, always be prepared. Keep apples, baby carrots and other healthy snacks at the office or in your purse. That’s why so many of us carry big purses, right?

10. If you’re short on time, the two most beneficial exercises are squats and push ups. Dr. J encourages you to consult a trainer to learn how to do them correctly. I did my squats incorrectly for years until Justin came along. It’s made an enormous difference! Learn from Justin here.

For more information on Dr. J and his methods, check out or check out his book “Overcome Diabetes Naturally.” Dr. J will also be hosting another free seminar at Club Fitness in a few weeks. Contact leangirlsclub at gmail dot com for more info.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Health Lessons from Dr. J

  1. “Soak oats overnight. Combine with fruit and flax seeds in the morning and you have a great breakfast.” do the oats have to be cooked? thanks!

    • Hi Abby- most people soak them overnight and then cook the oats on low heat for 1-2 minutes in the morning. I personally don’t mind them not cooked when I have fruit or flax seeds or even nuts in them. It’s a personal preference. Let me know what you think!

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