Celebrate National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! Today is the day to celebrate and proclaim your passion for running whether you’re a newbie or a marathoner. Or if you’re not a runner, what better way to start running than today? So get out there today!

Recently I was able to visit the New Balance booth at the Jack Rabbit NYC Running Show. After running on the treadmill for 30 seconds, the experts were able to give me a few suggestions after evaluating:

1. Remember to bend your knees and keep your hips forward.

2. Focus on a short, quick stride.

3. Try and be conscious of letting gravity propel you forward.

4. Focus on keeping your feet beneath you, directly below the hips.

It’s weird to consider myself a runner. In fact, I used to hate running. Four years ago my friend Lisa invited me to go running with her and another coworker Jason in Central Park after work. At this point I had been “running” three miles on the treadmill regularly at the gym so I thought one small loop (about 1.7 miles) around the park would be a piece of cake (mmm cake). I was wrong! I struggled the entire time and gratefully ended my “run” that day with one loop while Lisa and Jason went for more. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t finish with them but I felt good and was determined to make these outdoor runs a regular part of my life. Running with Lisa eventually led to running races with New York Road Runners and then eventually running the NYC Marathon in 2009. I am officially hooked and have Lisa to blame and thank.

I have to admit that getting out to run is still a struggle sometimes (I’m convinced I have a lazy gene in my DNA), but when I eventually do it becomes one of my favorite times in my day/week/month. There is nothing more thrilling than listening to the rhythm of my breath as I pump my arms and put one foot in front of the other. I love running of the 59th Street Queensboro Bridge on summer mornings- the sun sparkles flecks of gold in the East River while I run into the NYC skyline and back. It’s peaceful and mind blowing at the same time.

Do you run? What do you love (or hate) about it?

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