Lean Girl in a Fat Funk

I’ve been in a rut lately or as I like to call it, a fat funk. My posts, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, have been MIA. My eating has had its ups and downs since my California trip. I’ve been feeling nauseous and my stomach has been extra sensitive (diagnosis – I have an ulcer). Work has been insane and I feel stuck in my career. My bowel movements have been inconsistent for about three weeks. Luckily, my trainer Justin didn’t weigh me on Friday because he knew I was bloated. I also sincerely appreciated his looking out for my emotional health. Now this Friday, I have no excuse 😉 Needless to say, almost everything has been out of control.

The one thing that has been consistent though are my work outs. Five to six times a week I’m at the gym or outdoors running. In the beginning, I worked out to lose weight so that I could live a life worth living. Today, I work out because I have no life without exercise. It’s the one thing in my life that I can control. It’s been the one thing in my life that gives me the confidence to keep going…even if I don’t seen the fruits of my labor.

I don’t think I’ve fallen off the horse. I’m just having a hard time staying on it. Many of you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes life just spins and spins and the last thing you want to do is eat well or exercise. In those times, don’t listen to yourself. Listen to me. Keep going! Even though you don’t see results, keep going! Even if the scale isn’t moving, keep going! Even though you just had a long day at work and your boss supposedly thinks you’re stupid, drag your butt to the gym! Why? Because not only will exercise and clean eating be your saving grace through all the craziness, but when the dust finally settles you’ll regret not having done so. Do you want to get to the end of the race and say that you tried your best? Or would you rather get there and wished that you had pushed yourself?

So I’m going to listen to my fake voice (and not my real voice) and keep going. I’ll let you know how my weigh-in goes on Friday.

PS: The dog has nothing to do with the post. I met this little guy a while ago, but just came across this photo and it made me smile.

Post publication note: This entry wasn’t supposed to come across as “woe is me.”  I’m just frustrated with a few things that I can’t control (as many of us often are), and work outs are the one thing I CAN control and I find solace in them. The endorphins also make me happy. I hope you will re-read this entry as a “keep going” encouragement rather than “let’s sulk together.”


4 thoughts on “Lean Girl in a Fat Funk

  1. Grace, I know I give you a lot of grief about sometimes obsessing too much over your workout regimen/diet/appearance but you know it is all done out of love. Sometimes I feel like you worry too much about these things when you lack fulfillment in other areas of your life. I hope you find the balance in your life that makes you a happy person all around: at home, work, even at the gym or standing on the scale. And when times get tough, it’s not the end of the world to grab a slice of greasy pizza or call your kindred spirit in VA. 🙂

    • KC- I just added a post-publication note. Thanks for your concern as always and I definitely think that what you mention is something I need to work on. I definitely do worry to much about some of these things…and it’s DEFINITELY not the end of the world to eat a slice of pizza. But I’ll eat it because I want to, not because it’ll fulfill me in any way.

  2. Hang in there, Grace! You are a continued inspiration. We all hit highs and lows. We are human…and therefore, beautiful at any size, effort, etc. xoxox

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