7 Things of a Stylish Blogger

Lisa at Early Morning Run presented me the Stylish Blogger Award. And as my acceptance speech I’m to list seven random facts about me. I’m going to TRY to make this about diet, fitness, and health but forgive me if it’s a bit narcissistic as I talk about myself…even more! 😉

1. NAME: I don’t have a middle name. I have a Korean name, an American name, a surname, a nickname but no middle name. Where does the name gracekelle come from? One of my supervisors during my first music business internship would always yell “Grace Kelly” every time I walked into the office. It was the first nick name I liked and it stuck with me. For once people weren’t calling me “Grace under fire” or “Grace Face” or “Gracie.” I’ve also decided that when/if I get married, my surname will become my middle name because it’s also commonly mistaken for my first name already. (I have two first names) Speaking of names, I don’t know why but this reminds me of the Friends episode where Phoebe changes her name. (BTW, I LOVE FRIENDS- I watch it almost every night)

And then let’s not forget the Friend’s episode where Phoebe and Rachel start running together. I just had a nice laugh looking this up.

2. TRAVEL: The first time I traveled to Europe, I bought a silver bracelet with an elephant charm at a small boutique in Amsterdam. It’s still one of my favorite purchases to date. Now every time I travel I try to find a bracelet that I can’t buy anywhere else. I love the multi-bracelet look. And I love bracelets with little charms. It’s also a great conversation starter. “Oh I love your bracelet.” “Thanks, I got it in Paris.” When I was in LA, someone at the “Braxton Family Values” premier complimented me on the Paris bracelet and I told her this story. Somehow I convinced six women to start doing this every time they travel. We could be the sisterhood of the traveling charms?

photo credit: gracekelle

3. BASEBALL: I didn’t play a sport as a kid because I was overweight and lazy. (I might still be lazy today 😉 ) But I’m now a sports fan. Baseball is my sport of choice. Some may say that Derek Jeter is my sport of choice. I say po-TAY-toes, po-TA-toes. I’ve become a huge NY Yankees fan since moving to NYC almost a decade ago since baseball is a must in this town. I’ve always associated part of the glamour of NYC with the NY Yankees: Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez…. Random fact, I even took a history of baseball class in college (one of the best courses during my four years at NYU). My obsession with the NY Yankees and Derek Jeter, lead to a true love and appreciation of baseball, which lead me to a brief gig with ESPN. That is where I met my beau, MJ.

2009 was one of the best years in my life. Why? The same week I ran the NYC Marathon, the NY Yankees won their 27th Championship (the first since I’ve been in NYC).

photo credit: GQ

4. BREAKING POINT: The most I’ve ever weighed was 225 pounds. There are no body shots of me from this time.There’s one head shot from this time period and it’s my passport photo. Only the customs official gets to see it. All I know is that I never want to be at a point where I don’t have control over my body ever again. NEVER.

5. NOT AN IRON CHEF: I make pretty much the same dish every night for dinner- a lean protein + vegetable (usually spinach or kale). The only thing that changes are the spices/sauces. I don’t know too much about cooking so I stick with the one dish I know and play around with it. Ironically I want to own a healthy, sustainable foods restaurant one day or an organic wine cafe even though I know nothing about cooking. I only know about taste and calorie content unfortunately. The other irony is that my younger brother, for whom I used to cook afternoon snacks, is now a chef. Here are some of my “creations”:

**The week of the Super Bowl, I was craving buffalo wings. Knowing I shouldn’t eat them, I grilled lean chicken breast and drizzled a little hot/buffalo sauce. Yum! Add a side of steamed spinach and brown rice, and you’re good to go!

**Usually if I have no idea what to cook I grill chicken with various frozen vegetables and marinara sauce. Marinara sauce seems to make everything better. I usually go for the low-cal, low-sodium version by making the marinara myself.

6. SWEET OR SALTY? Why do I have to choose? Why can’t I have both? I can’t over do it on just ice cream or just chips. Can’t I have both? I need balance in my life!!!  I think that’s why I love chocolate covered almonds and wine so much. There’s a bit of both in there. There’s a place in NYC called Coco V that I’ve been meaning to try out for weeks. It’s a wine and chocolate bar, aka my heaven. Do you think God will welcome me to heaven holding a silver platter with a glass of malbec and a truffle?

7. GYM: I have a love-hate relationship with the gym. I would much rather run outdoors (thank God for summer) than be indoors on a treadmill. But for some reason I tend to push myself harder in the gym. Maybe it’s my competitive nature. I love being able to hold my own in the weight room with all the men. I hate cardio machines, but I love being able to watch reruns of Khloe & Lamar (guilty pleasure) while on the elliptical. If only I could watch Khloe & Lamar while running outdoors. Here’s a clip of Kris Jenner confronting her daughter Khloe about her weight gain. FYI, I don’t think Khloe is fat. I empathize with her because her sisters are tiny and she’s just a biggER girl than they are.

I hope you’ve had fun learning more about me. I now present the Stylish Blogger Award to Brianne at I Think I Can and Rebecca at To See If I Can.

One thought on “7 Things of a Stylish Blogger

  1. Wow, I just learned a lot about you! So glad you took some time to talk about yourself! I’ll definitely give cocoa v a try with you sometime. Just say when.

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