Sweat This Stuff

Everyday I encounter something new that catches my eye and want to try. Everything from a new snack, gadget, class at the gym or a new song… These are the things that keep me coming back for more. I Sweat This Stuff.

1. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips I love getting manicures. That’s the one luxury I allow myself regularly without the guilt. A nicely polished hand speaks volumes. I used to only like nude colors, but now I love bright and bold ones. I wear a lot of black clothes but a hint of color on the tips of my fingers pop every time. After trying the latest craze of gel manicures, my nails were completely damaged and in need of help. I tried these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back. They’re about $9 at your local drug store (btw, these are in such high demand that they’re pretty much sold out everywhere you go) and last at least 10 days. Mine lasted two weeks. They’re super easy to apply and EVERYONE asks about them. I was lucky enough to find a box of the fish net pattern “Misbehaved” on the floor. IMO, the patters are much more chic and fun than the solid color strips. Most importantly, they don’t chip when I’m working at the office or when I’m at the gym!!!

photo credit: gracekelle

2. Noel Gourdin’s “Beautiful” – This song has been in my head for weeks now. It’s not the hit that “The River” was (yet) but Noel Gourdin’s new song “Beautiful” is steadily climbing up the Urban AC radio charts. Noel sings about how he calls his woman “chicken head,” among other names, all in fun but realizes it’s really not that funny. Instead, he should be calling the woman in his life beautiful. Besides the catchy beat, the message of the song caught my attention especially after contemplating how self negative talk affects the body and the goals you want to achieve.

Download on iTunes:  “Beautiful”

3. Raw Almonds – I always have raw almonds with me. It’s the best snack – it fills me up without weighing me down and there’s no prep that needs to be done. Whenever I travel I take a bag with me and I’m always glad I do because I can never find healthy food in the airport. I have the worst eating habits when I’m traveling but almonds are the one thing that keeps me balanced. It’s the closest thing to the earth that won’t go bad in a day.

My favorite are the Whole Foods 365 raw almonds.

photo credit: gracekelle

4. Versa-Loops – I was introduced to these bands from hell by Ariane Hundt. They look innocent but they definitely work out every part of my body. The best part is that you can take them anywhere! Never again can I complain that I couldn’t work out on the road because I didn’t have a gym. Do a couple of squats with the short loop around your legs, or lateral pull downs with the long loop and you’ll get a pretty good workout. The red bands are “easier” than the blue bands, but they’re both pretty difficult at first. My first time using them, I was really discouraged to see how weak my upper body was. But now I can pull the blue bands like nobody’s business!

photocredit: sicksport.com

5. Color Nook – I recently received the Color Nook as a gift. While I’m more a Borders Girl than a B&N Girl, I can’t help but love the Nook. It’s the poor woman’s iPad. I’ve subscribed to my favorite health magazines on my Nook and can take it with me to the gym when I want to try a new exercise. Best part is that it’s lighter/smaller than the iPad and I don’t have magazines laying around the house. I get use the internet on it, listen to music, load pictures and files…even play Sudoku. Even with all those capabilities, my favorite part about the Nook is that I can take all my exercise clips with me to the gym or read while on the elliptical without having to hold a book. All I have to do is tap the page every few seconds. My photo doesn’t do the screen any justice.

photo credit: gracekelle

2 thoughts on “Sweat This Stuff

  1. haha, I love how you drop industry lingo in you post! Noel’s song is okay, but if you ask me, his voice doesn’t have anything on Kenny Lattimore’s! 😉 Those versa-loops are awesome. Thank you so much for the red set – I’ve been using them every day since my leg muscles started freaking out and I really think they help. Hopefully one day I’ll be cool like you and able to use the blue ones!

    Have a great day and enjoy your nook!

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