Workout Wednesday: Justin Senense of RBPT & Giveaway

photo credit: Rich Barretta

Many of you know that I won training sessions at Rich Barretta Private Training (RBPT) as part of my popchips New Year, New Rear winnings. RBPT is a private training studio in NYC founded by the 1987 Mr. America Rich Barretta who is credited with training celebs such as NBA All Star Steve Nash, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, 007 Pierce Brosnan,  Jennifer Grey and more. Rich has been training clients/trainers for 30 years. (All the trainers at RBPT have been taught Rich’s methods.)

Besides training with a personal trainer at past gyms (you know, the free one they give you) and boot camp with Ariane Hundt, I’ve never had a personal trainer. After winning the contest, Stu Rosen from RBPT contacted me and asked me a bunch of questions about my health and work out history. This was so that he could pair me up with the best trainer for me and my needs. #1, it’s very rare that one of the heads of a company/gym/facility contacts the client. #2,  I was very impressed with how Stu was attentive to my needs. My main request besides weight loss, was to be paired with someone who could intelligently explain why I needed to do certain exercises and outline what I should be doing at the gym when I’m not working with Justin.

Stu paired me up with Justin Senense. Justin is a Broadway dancer and singer. Naturally, we have the music connection. Also, he grew up not being the strongest or fastest kid, just like me. He pushes me and expects nothing but the best from me, without the screaming or criticizing. I don’t know how Stu did it, but he definitely paired me up with the right trainer. The other day, I overheard a trainer yelling at his client….and obviously that works for that client. I probably would’ve cried 😉 Thank God for Justin!

From the very beginning, Justin listened to my needs and customized the workouts to my personality and goals. I wanted to lose weight, have a flatter stomach and tighter triceps. Every exercise I do with Justin targets the core and/or triceps (btw, RBPT is all about target training – concentrating on your problem parts to clients achieve their goals- and lactic acid training – building muscle endurance so you burn a lot of calories AFTER the work out).

While many of you may think “I can’t afford a trainer” or “I’m not there yet”, I strongly encourage you to reconsider. I was just like you. Personal trainers in my mind are for the rich and/or those who have achieved their weight loss goals and want to be Super Woman. Wrong. Justin was able to devise a workout that would achieve maximum results without spending hours in the gym. He’s helping me achieve my goals faster by correcting my form (so I can do fewer exercises), providing nutritional guidance, and most importantly moral support on my non-training days. Not kidding, Justin emails me almost every day to see how my work outs and clean eating are going. (Some emails are good, some emails are bad). So whether or not you are in NYC, I strongly encourage everyone to see a qualified professional to see how you can improve your workouts to see maximum results.

With just one session, Justin corrected my squat and lung forms! What?!?! I’ve been doing my squats and lunges incorrectly all this time! All my life I’ve been bending from my knees. Watch the clip below as he demonstrates that you’re not supposed to bend from the knees. Instead of going up and down, you should be bending diagonally and pushing your butt against the wall. Your knees should never go past your feet. You should be feeling “the burn” in the butt and inner thighs. (It makes a lot of sense but you have no idea how much this rocked my world).

video credit: gracekelle

In four short sessions, I have noticed my core not only getting stronger but I’ve seen definition in my abs. I also have firmer triceps. I can’t wait to continue working with him to see what I look like in time for summer.

GIVEAWAY: Subscribe or refer a friend between now and April 12 at 11:59 pm EST and you will be entered to win one FREE training session with Justin Senense at RBPT. All you have to do is click the SUBSCRIBE button on the main page, or email me at leangirlsclub (at) gmail (dot) com with your friend’s email  who subscribe. I will put you in touch with Stu and we’ll get you in!

For those that are interested in RBPT, RBPT is not a mass gym. It’s a chic private studio with no membership fees and the trainer fees are reasonable. Each client has his/her own “pod,” a 10’x10′ self contained training space where it’s just a client and his/her trainer. No waiting for machines. No interruptions. Each pod has it’s own light control, music volume control and ceiling fan control. For more information, check out or contact gracekelle at leangirlsclub (at) gmail (dot) com and she’ll get you connected with Stu and Justin.

5 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Justin Senense of RBPT & Giveaway

  1. Wow, sounds like a great place, so much more personal than a typical gym setting. Justin sounds really cool, love that he emails you to check up! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. I did a training session with Justin, and he rocks!!!! I do a lot of strength training and boot-camp style classes on my own so I wasn’t expecting too much to be different…however he showed me how to train on the Bosu balance trainer to get a super sleek, toned lower body. He customized exercises for the specific areas I wanted to target, and man…did my muscles burn! His dedication as a trainer and genuine, personalized approach for each of his clients really sets him apart from the rest.

    • I completely agree with you Lauren. He’s helping me tone my mid-section and triceps. I love that he listens to your needs!!! Look out for another post tonight about Justin 🙂

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