Review: Hardcore Spin at Club Fitness

First, let me start by apologizing for the lack of posts the last two weeks. Work has been slammed and my healthy eating and work outs have suffered because of it. I’m sure my health coach Melanie will be able to come up with a plan to help me prevent this. Note to self: call Melanie!

Yesterday, I had a work out date with my friend B at our gym Club Fitness in Astoria. She overheard a few girls in the locker room say that Cat’s Saturday Hardcore Spin is tough and it’s the best class at the gym. So of course B decides we must take it together and sent me an e-meeting request for Saturday morning.

Lean Girl Tip Alert: Scheduling work outs, whether solo or with a friend, is the best way to hold yourself accountable with workouts. In this case, if I didn’t have to meet B I probably would have slept in and spent my day lazying around…and then made my way to the gym around 3 pm 🙂 While I love sleeping in, I hate how it throws off my schedule and I hate working out in the middle of the day. It makes me feel like I wasted most of the day.

photo credit: Club Fitness

Being that it was our first class, we humbly took the bikes in the back row of the dark room. The spin room was painted black with fake constellations and planets. The room even has black lights coming up from the floor around the perimeter. It reminded me of playing laser tag. One of the first things I said to B was that I couldn’t see the clock. It wasn’t a clock…it was the fire alarm. There was no clock and I could not count down the minutes left in 90 minute class. I knew this class was going to test me mentally.

The instructor Cat was not what I expected. She was a short, portly woman with a military style voice. I admit that it was incredibly wrong of me to judge her. My first thought was “I’m taking spin from a fat woman?!?!? What is SHE going to teach ME???”

Cat proved me wrong in so many ways. First, the class was hard. I guess that’s why it’s called Hardcore Spin 😉 After the short warm up, she had us turn our resistance knobs up six times right off the bat. I thought we were just getting the hard part over with. Nope. She had us turn the resistance knob up three more times. And then another three. And then another two… I have no doubt that we turned the resistance knob up at least 20 full turns. In between, Cat had us switching positions every few minutes engaged the core, increasing and decreasing our speed, standing/sitting, and even incorporated upper body work on the bike. That’s one of the reasons I don’t do spin regularly. I don’t like how it only works out my legs. But Cat had us pushing our upper bodies up and down with our arms while spinning. It was almost like doing push ups on the bike. For once I got a full body work out on a bike. While I mentally suffered for 90 minutes, my body thanked me for breaking routine and doing something different. I’m definitely feeling the effects of the class!

Not only was Cat personable by introducing herself and dancing throughout the class, but she was encouraging by repeatedly telling us not to “cheat ourselves.” I wanted to walk out. I don’t care for spinning. I’d rather run for 90 minutes, or do boot camp. That kind of torture I am used to and don’t mind. But Cat is right. We often cheat ourselves in our workouts by not using the correct form or not giving it our all, and we cheat ourselves in our diets by sneaking in a cookie here and there. Change comes when we make the tiniest adjustments. The scale (finally) tips not when we are hardcore exercising or hardcore dieting, but rather when we are hardcore about being consistent.


2 thoughts on “Review: Hardcore Spin at Club Fitness

  1. sounds like an interesting class. And you’re TOTALLY right. I definitely cheat on myself way too often and have been thinking about that a lot lately. And when we cheat – be it in our workout, our ‘diet,’ our personal life, work life.. – we’re only doing it to ourselves and no one else.

    Congrats on getting out there and trying something new.

  2. I cheat because no one sees that I cheat. But you’re right, we’re only hurting ourselves when we do it.

    That’s why I like to keep a food journal…and that’s ultimately why I write this blog. So people like you will keep my accountable! Thank you for keeping me accountable!

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