Sweat This Stuff

Something new that I’m trying out for you Lean Girls. There are so many classes, gadgets, work out clothes, snacks and more that I encounter that I become obsessed with or “sweat” as the kids say. So each week I’ll try to share these very things.

1.  Fooducate – Created by dieticians and concerned parents, this app scans barcodes from over 200,000 food items and rates the food item for you. It will also give you the good and bad highlights (too much sugar, whole grains, etc), compare nutritional information with similar products, and also recommend better alternatives.

Price: FREE but only compatible only with iphones, ipads and ipod touch (another reason for me to buy the iphone!).

**I don’t have a smart phone but rather a crackberry for work. This is another reason I need an iphone 🙂

2. The Lola Beat Burn app – Have a favorite song that motivates you but the beats don’t match your step? The Lola Beat Burn app on iTunes lets you adjust your favorite tuns for when you are walking, jogging, and running. How amazing! I’ll have to do that with this song “Your Body Is The Business” by R&B crooner Avant. He’s an artist I work with and you can get a free download HERE.   

**I haven’t been able to find this app on iTunes. If any of you know where to find it, please help!

3. Breathe Right Strips. I’ve been sick for about two weeks now and am finally getting better. There were nights I constantly woke up because I couldn’t breathe because of all the congestion. But Breathe Right saved me. They opened up my nasal passages instantly. I’ve seen some runners run with them and am curious to try them on a long run. Perhaps I will try it on my long run this week as I’m preparing to run the Scotland Run 10k on April 10 with some of you.

For a free sample, click HERE

4. Blueberries – I know they’re not in season right now but I can’t seem to get enough!!! I don’t eat exclusively organic, but I tried a box from Whole Foods this week and a box from my local produce store and there was DEFINITELY a different in taste. Not only are they tasty but they have lots of fiber. Everyone knows I’m all about fiber 😉 I normally eat them straight from the box so if you have a fun way to incorporate this sweet treat, please leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Sweat This Stuff

  1. I love this idea! RE: Blueberries: You’re right — I’m not usually a huge blueberry fan, but the last couple summers, Joel and my roommate Kristin and I have picked them growing wild in Wisconsin, and they are delicious! Of course, we do terrible things with them, like put them in cobblers and crepes with mascarpone. But you could mix them in with pancakes, yogurt or oatmeal in the morning. I can’t really think of anything non-dessert or breakfast-related off the top of my head, though.

  2. I love blueberries in my yogurt, with shredded wheat and with cottage cheese. Oh, and of course in pancakes! I actually don’t eat them often on their own. We had a blueberry patch at our cottage when we were growing up (we haven’t kept it up the last few years) and I remember as a little kid having my dad tie an old tin folgers coffee can around my waiste and going to the patch with him in the morning when the dew was still on the bushes to duck under the netting and pick blueberries for pancakes he’d make for breakfast. That’s the best way to eat them!

    Breathe Right strips have provided me with many restful nights, but because Matt wears them, not me! Hahaha!

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