I Want Cake…and to Eat It Too

At the beginning of Slim & Strong Hardcore, I decided not to weigh myself until the last class. The scale is not my friend and plays games with my mind all the time. I promised myself that I would focus on eating clean, working hard, and concentrating on how I look and feel. I was confident and even told the boyfriend that “I would be shocked if my weigh in didn’t go well.” Needless to say my ego took a shot at Tuesday’s weigh in.

The Bad News: I gained .2 pounds (yes, I know it’s ONLY point two) and gained .1% body fat (again, I know).

This bad news was all I could focus on. What went wrong? What did I do wrong? I need to stop eating. I’m eating too much. I’m not working hard enough. I’m going to eat cake and give up. This would be my weapon of choice.

My work out partner Becca could obviously tell that I was bummed and has been a great source of encouragement and support the last few days. Becca had a similar struggle and you can read about her full story HERE. Becca did everything right. She’s THE cleanest eater and most hard working person I know. The weight just wouldn’t come off for months…until recently. (BTW, she looks absolutely FANTASTIC right now and placed first this month, winning a shopping spree!) She shared her frustrating experience and encouraged me to keep going and focus on how I feel. Still, I threw myself a pity party, minus the cake, all Tuesday morning/afternoon until Ariane sent the final measurements and photos. (Ok, I had a little chocolate cake that night…really, it was a tiny piece)

The Good News: I lost .5 inches around my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips, and .25 inches off my arms. I also added 1.5 inches to my chest. Somehow I am ok with this gain as “the Girls” have become non-existent as I’ve been losing weight.



I don’t share these measurements and photos with you to brag. By no means do I think that I have the perfect body! Whether you agree with me or not, I SEE change in my body. I FEEL change. And the measurements reflect it too. And for the first time in my life, I actually have a butt thanks to all the donkey kicks (see below)! And I realize that this is the most important part.

I truly wanted to give up on Tuesday. I wanted to go home, crawl into bed, call out of work, and eat a big cake. I was convinced it wasn’t working and I’d struggle with my weight forever, so why not just ease the pain with cake?

When I look back on my (young) life, the most joyful moments came as a result of difficult challenges and periods of struggle, or hills.  Difficult moments in life are like hills. I hate running hills but when I charge through them, not only do I get stronger and faster but the rest of the run becomes easier. And you don’t do it just once, you do it over and over again. It may be hard the first, second, third, fourth….time but eventually your body gives in and it changes.

I don’t know why the scale and my body fat increased when my measurements decreased. And I will never know. But I do know that if I keep doing what I am doing, my body eventually will give in and change. Regular exercise and consistent healthy choices are ways to tell your body, “I’m serious. I’m not giving up, so you might as well give in.”

It happened for Becca. I know it will happen for me too.  And as for the cake I had on Tuesday night- I didn’t have it to “ease the pain.” I had a small piece to prove to myself that I could have a little bite of something, enjoy it, be grateful for it, and move on…I also burned it off at the gym the next morning 😉

THIS WEEK’S EXERCISE: DONKEY KICKS (Ariane makes us do what feels like a million, but I swear they work)

PS: Stay tuned for the winner of the Pop-notch popchips and SpaFinder giveaway!

3 thoughts on “I Want Cake…and to Eat It Too

  1. I’m sorry for the disappointing reading on the scale, but I’m so proud of you for all the work and dedication you’ve put into this. You do look fantastic and feeling great is what really matters. Yeah, who knows what’s up with that little uptick on the scale, the measurement change is incredible! You’re doing fantastic!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I also “love” the fact that the lean girl lesson posted on the site is that “your value doesn’t come from the scale!” I’m a fool for forgetting that. We all need a little reminder, I guess 🙂

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