Will You Run with Me?

I’m a member of the New York Road Runners, a great running organization in NYC. While I’ve run many races before, including the 2009 ING New York City Marathon, I haven’t run one in over a year because of hip pain. I told myself that I would spend the year strength training and getting stronger.

I don’t run races competitively but races give me something to work towards and helps me focus. Knowing that I have a race to prepare for helps get my butt to the gym. And psychology, races trick my brain into thinking that I only have to do something for a short period of time (even though I know otherwise). Lastly, races help me get outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the parks, get fresh air, and some Vitamin D from the sun! I also love the camaraderie in the running community. Let’s also not forget the free snacks, t-shirts, and other goodies you get for participating. What Lean Girl doesn’t love swag?

These are the races that I’ve signed up for in April. If you live in NYC, will you run with me? My friend Lisa and I are running some of the races together. If you don’t live in NYC, will you commit to running the same miles in your neighborhood that day? I will hold you accountable by checking in on your training and I hope you’ll do the same for me.

Sunday, April 10 – Scotland Run (10k)

Sunday, April 17 – City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks (4 miles)

Saturday, April 23 – NYRR 4 Mile (4 miles)

If you live in NYC and want to run with me and Lisa, please leave a comment below or email me at leangirlsclub@gmail.com and let’s coordinate!

2 thoughts on “Will You Run with Me?

  1. Grace, there are a few of us that run on Sundays in Central Park at 930. We go for brunch afterwards. Most of us are training for the More but we are all different speeds. Want to join us?

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