A New Rear & Pop-notch Giveaway

In January I entered the popchipsNew Year, New Rear” contest through Vital Juice. I usually never enter contests because I never win anything (my friend Lisa is the Lucky One). But for some reason, this one stuck with me. So much so that I entered from my blackberry on the way back from Philly with an artist (for those who don’t know I work in the music biz). I told myself (and the contest judges) that 2011 would be the year I “take back my body.” No more being prison to my fat rolls, whining about what I look like or feeling guilty about what I ate. I am going to be done with it all. What did I have to lose? 15 pounds to be exact. What did I have to gain? An amazing prize package that includes:

  • A year’s supply of popchips
  • a gift certificate from Spa Finder
  • consultations with health coach Melanie Stanton
  • sessions with a pro-trainer

This isn’t the lottery. It’s not a trip to somewhere exotic. But all the items in this prize pack are what I’ve prayed for- it’s a very roundabout prize that includes food, fun, nutrition, and exercise. The truth is I could never afford a personal trainer or a health coach or a massage. By no means am I poor, but when you live in NYC and the cost of living is infinity and beyond the last thing you think of is doing something good for yourself. (That is why I love running- it’s free!) Isn’t it funny, or sad, that often times we are last to spend money on ourselves or invest in our well being? It shouldn’t be that way.

While in a meeting with an artist’s manager last week, an email popped up on my blackberry from an unfamiliar name. I figured it must be spam. Good thing I didn’t delete the email because it was Whitney from popchips telling me I had won ūüôā

I never win.¬†But this time I DID¬†and I’m going to share the “love (without the handles)” with you!¬†For the next several months, I will be documenting my progress with my new health coach Melanie Stanton and trainer from the elite Rich Barretta Private Training Studio. I hope you will be challenged to try something new with me, whether it be a strange abdominal exercise or changing up your eating habits. I can’t share my ¬†Spa Finder gift certificate with you, but my friend Nelle and I intend to go to a spa together (she got one from work I think). Everything is always better when it’s shared! Which leads me to…


I have a box of popchips and a Spa Finder gift card to share with a lucky Lean Girl. Popchips have only 120 calories and are never fried or baked. They are ground up potatoes that are the result of a little heat and pressure. I don’t eat a lot of chips (because if I start, I can’t stop), but when I crave something crunchy I grab these as the alternative. They’re not greasy and I don’t feel like a pig after eating them as I do with other chips. It makes me go BLAH just thinking about that icky feeling. The Spa Finder certificate that I’m giving away is not the one I won. I’m giving away my own as I think every Lean Girl deserves a spa treatment. (If only I could give one away to everyone!)

TO ENTER: Join the Club. Subscribe to Lean Girls Club to be entered for a chance to win a box of popchips and a Spa Finder gift certificate (and other goodies in the future). The subscription button is the first tab on the navigation panel on the home page. You have until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 2 to enter!

Many thanks to: popchips, Vital Juice, Rich Barretta Studio, Melanie Stanton, Spa Finder.

Here are my friends and coworkers already enjoying popchips. Don’t you like that I have¬†boxes of popchips next to my guitar and Rock Band in my office? ūüôā

7 thoughts on “A New Rear & Pop-notch Giveaway

  1. I don’t know why I hadn’t subscribed earlier, since I read this blog and love it!!

    I also love popchips and I love that you got C & D in pictures!! Miss them!

    When you said you won popchips you didn’t tell me all the other great stuff you won too! That’s an amazing prize package! I took a training session at RB once last winter and it was great! Wish I could have afforded more. Have a great time! Can’t wait to read all about it! Hope you pass along some tips to your friends!

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