An Eye on the Prize: New Workout Clothes

For the past several months, I’ve been participating in NYC trainer and nutritionist Ariane Hundt’s  Slim & Strong program. This program includes four weeks of indoor bootcamp classes, a nutrition class, a personalized fat burning nutrition plan, before & after measurements and photos, motivational emails that are filled with tons of information, and a goodie bag. There are also prizes to keep you motivated!

1st place: a $200 shopping spree at City Sports

2nd place: 10 bootcamp classes

3rd place: 5 bootcamp classes

I was convinced after my final weigh-in that I had no chance of winning anything as I gained three pounds. I figured the holiday parties (none of which I attend!!!) somehow got to me. Little did I know that I actually dropped 2.1% body fat which translated to 5.7 pounds of muscle gained and 2.5 pounds of fat lost. In this case, the scale was a big fat liar!


After (I don’t know why I was wearing bright pink lipstick that day):

I finally found the time to go shopping this week and made quite a few purchases:

While shopping  has been torturous in the past (crowds, ill-fitting clothes, high prices) , this was quite the enjoyable shopping trip. I used to reward myself with food but rewarding myself with non-food items was equally satisfying and if not more. While gathering my new wardrobe for the mini-photoshoot this morning, I realized how pumped I was to use them. I left for work thinking, “I can’t wait to come home tonight and go to the gym!”

So the next time you celebrate something great in your life, find non-food items: a massage, a new pair of running shoes, flowers, lipstick, whatever. Also make sure it’s something that makes you feel pretty! I can assure you that a bright pink hoodie or yellow tank top is much more exciting and uplifting than black pants, black socks, black…No Lean Girl wants to look like a witch or a nun.

How do you reward yourself and celebrate your accomplishments?

6 thoughts on “An Eye on the Prize: New Workout Clothes

  1. Look at you, skinny wizzatch! You look GOOD! I even like the hot pink lipstick! And does this mean you won first place?! Man, I need to win some contest: I’m working out right now in Converse and old T shirts. 😛

    Also, I love, “No Lean Girl wants to look like a witch or a nun.” Maybe I DO.

  2. Grace, you look amazing and I’m so inspired by what you’ve accomplished! Love, Love, Love the cute stuff you got with your prize. You totally deserve all of it and more! Have fun showing off your strength in it!! (oh, and the lipstick looks great on you!!)

  3. Thanks ladies! I have a little bit more work to do, but I’m determined to make this a good year for my body. Thank you so much for your encouragement and compliments. I hope to make you proud this year!

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