Finding Your Soulmate (Workout)

I’ve heard a lot of talk this past week about finding your soulmate… and not just because it was Valentine’s Day. This wasn’t talk about romance. It was talk about workouts.

Specifically, finding your “soulmate workout.”

Here’s how fitness creator, trainer, life coach and blogger Chalene Johnson defines a soulmate workout:

Your soulmate workout is exercise that you excitedly anticipate, that you are motivated by and that inspires you to do more!

She shares in greater detail several tips to find the love of your gym life over on Fitblogger, including:

  • Find your style
  • Add variety
  • Find what inspires you
  • Rally the support troops

Personally, I hate to jump. And run. And I’m extremely uncoordinated, which my trainer sometimes believes. And then sometimes he hands me some umpteen-pound medicine ball, like, here, bounce this forcibly off the wall right at your face. That’s a good idea.

But yoga — THAT may be my soulmate workout. That’s all slow, deliberate movements, and half the time, you’re already sitting or lying on the ground, which eliminates the ever-present threat of me falling on my face. Also, according to one recent study, women who did yoga once a week reported a 20 percent increase in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm and satisfaction after three months. And, girls, my wedding is in three months.

So maybe we ARE talking about romance here.

Have you found your soulmate workout?

Photo credit: mcemilywrites (Two bouquets… a box of chocolates… a homemade card… Yeah, my soulmate knows how to do Valentine’s Day right.)

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