Class Review: XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga

XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga

Class description: An innovative class which focuses on the instruction and the attention of poses (asanas) and breathing (pryanayama) techniques. Both Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga will explore the disciplines of traditional Yoga. @ XSport Fitness

I’ve done yoga before. And by “done yoga,” I mean at different points in my life I’ve rolled around in the floor in acting classes, strung together a series of yoga workouts from one of those 10 Minute Solution DVDs and actually taken a weekly Yoga Basics class from a heavily tattooed, extremely flexible instructor while a member at Crunch Fitness in New York City… briefly… about five years ago. (I fell asleep during the cooldown at the end of every class at Crunch. I kid you not.)

I’ve done enough yoga to know yoga can run the gamut from “conscious breathing” to standing on your head for six hours.

XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga is at the conscious breathing end of the yoga gamut. In fact, we did a lot of conscious breathing and natural, un-choreographed movement while Arnold, the instructor, said things I couldn’t hear from the back of the studio. I caught something about the third eye, something about getting sensual with myself because Valentine’s Day is next week.

This isn’t the class for you if you’re looking to work up a sweat. The closest I came was flip-flopping — or, less accurately, “flowing” — between side plank pose, balanced on my right arm, and side plank pose, balanced on my left.

So I was shocked, incredulous even, how sore my shoulders and back were the next day. It was surprisingly good strength training.

And it reminded me why I’ve always liked yoga, in whatever form I’ve done it — and why I used to fall asleep at the end of every class at Crunch. When else do you get a chance to stop and take a breath during the day? When else do you stop and think about each muscle in your body, how it moves and how you use it?  I could hear things inside my body cracking and snapping back into place as I twisted into the various poses. Yoga always has done that for me, made me think about how fearfully and wonderfully my body is made. And classes like XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga always have allowed me to carve that space out of my day, just for me, to do just that.

Note: My favorite new pose was eagle pose, which Arnold called “giving yourself a hug,” and I thought looked like those images of Shiva dancing. Hence, the picture.

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5 thoughts on “Class Review: XSport® Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga

  1. Right? XSport alone has:

    Power Vinyasa Yoga
    Yoga/Pilates Fusion
    Six Pack Yoga
    Power Yoga
    Yoga Fusion
    Ashtanga Yoga
    Intro to Yoga
    Yoga 101
    Vinyasa Flow Yoga/Hatha Yoga

    I wish my XSport location had freaking Six Pack Yoga! I SO TOTALLY would be there!

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