Saturday Session: Adele

British songstress and two-time Grammy winner Adele held a private showcase last night at the PC Richard & Son theatre and I was one of the lucky few to be invited. She is absolutely amazing. Not only does her voice leave you breathless, but she’s incredibly funny and personable. Adele sang old favorites “Chasing Pavements”  and “Hometown Glory”, and previewed a few songs from her upcoming album 21 that is set for release in the U.S. on February 22. The stand out song of the night was “Someone Like You,” which is about an ex that has moved on, found another lover and is doing just fine. Heart wrenching!!!

In between songs, Adele shared that she had quit smoking (it’d been three weeks and two days to be exact), caffeine, and spicy foods per the suggestion of her vocal coach. Even though she cut out these things to preserve her voice, Adele is seeing additional benefits: she has more energy, she’s drinking more water, and she doesn’t smell. Whatever the reason, cutting out cigarettes is a tremendous accomplishment.  Sometimes cutting out something that isn’t directly related to weight loss or fitness is the first step to a life of wellness. What bad habit do you need to cut out of your life?

Take a moment to rest from your work out, planning meals, or whatever else may cause stress and enjoy the music:

“Someone Like You”

“Chasing Pavements”

“Hometown Glory”

One thought on “Saturday Session: Adele

  1. Further proof that GraceKellE is kind of a big deal right now…

    I love Adele! I really love “Hometown Glory.” And, oh, man, do I love spicy foods! I don’t really have a reason to quit spicy foods, but cutting back on caffeine… that probably should happen. Especially on the Diet Formaldehyde Soda.

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