The Groundhog and You

Happy Groundhog Day! It’s even happier as the ground hog didn’t see its shadow this morning and is predicting an early spring this year.

While we may all be jumping for joy that we can soon shed our puffy coats, over-sized sweaters and sweat pants, many of us are also disappointed that soon we’ll have to unveil what is underneath all the puffy coats, over-sized sweaters and sweat pants. Like many, I hide behind, or rather in, my clothes. I figure if I wear a big grandpa sweater no one will notice my love handles and stomach rolls. And more importantly, I won’t notice them either.

The winter has been kind to us in that it has allowed us to let loose a bit, eat, drink, be merry and not worry about how we look. But I definitely wouldn’t say winter has been a great friend.  A friend would’ve encouraged you to stay focused on your health and fitness goals by eating healthy foods, trying new classes at the gym and not letting a little wind scare us from taking a walk outside.

So today in honor of our furry little friend Mr. Groundhog, let’s all decide to recommit ourselves to working out, eating right and remaining positive. Instead of pouting about what our body is not, let’s decide to focus on what our body WILL look and feel like after all the hard work you’re about to do. Let’s welcome spring headfirst and with excitement that we’ll be able to show off our buff arms and lean legs in a few weeks.

How do you plan on shedding your winter weight? What part of the body will you most be excited about showing?

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2 thoughts on “The Groundhog and You

  1. GREAT POST, G.K.!

    “Hiding in your clothes” is something I’ve been thinking a lot about, what with clothes not always being an option in marriage and that fast approaching. Marriage is going to require a lot of nakedness, I’m learning, and not just the physical kind… And then there’s also the hiding in your too-big clothes even after you’ve lost weight, because you’ve been hiding behind those extra pounds so long, showing off also feels uncomfortable.

    I’m hoping to be excited to show my arms by the time warm weather rolls around. That’s the one body part I’ve always been weirdly self conscious about. I’m working on my arms every time I’m at the gym, to be sure. But beyond that, I’m also taking that quick glance in the mirror before I get dressed in the morning, getting used to my changing body and reminding myself I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

    • Someone once told me, that they used to be self conscious about being naked with their partner. And then someone else told her, most guys are not thinking about how big our hips are, how our love handles jiggle, or any of that. They’re thinking “I’ve got a naked girl in my bed. Yes!”

      Regarding your arms: You’re on the right track- you can’t NOT do something and not see results or some sort of change. Right? PS: I didn’t think guns were allowed at your wedding 🙂

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