Not Fat Enough?

Darin McCloud, 45, of the United Kingdom is making headlines today. McCloud is intentionally putting on weight so he’ll qualify for gastric bypass surgery covered by his insurance company, according to the Portsmouth News.  His daily diet consists of three-quarters of a loaf of bread, four bags of potato chips and bacon rolls.

McCloud told the Portsmouth News, “I have had diabetes for the best part of 15 years, and I’m absolutely scared of being a burden on my family in the future — but I still eat, and that I can’t get my head around.” 

McCloud’s BMI is 43.5, and to be considered for gastric bypass he must be 45. Even then, surgery is not guaranteed.

McCloud’s story is not unique.

There are many people around us who feel helpless about their weight loss and their lives. Forget being lazy. People just don’t know where to start. It’s “easier” to work towards weight gain and one day wake up and be thin. It’s like waking up from a bad dream because for many, obesity (or even just a few extra pounds) is like a bad dream. And for some, they’d rather risk death because their current life isn’t worth living.

People like Darin are all around us. While they may not be helping themselves, they are deserving of a little help and encouragement from us. What if we volunteered to take a walk in the park with a coworker? Or cooked a healthy dinner for a friend? Or asked someone to meet us for tea rather than a beer? How much healthier would our neighbors, and we, be?

It’s absolutely true that weight loss and life change are hard work. The rewards don’t come nearly as quickly as we’d like. It’s painful and often discouraging. But isn’t anything in life worth having worthy of work? The things that we bust our a$$e$ for are the things that we make sure to watch over and protect. Isn’t your body and your life deserving of the best treatment?

Photo Credit: Portsmouth News


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