Restaurant Week Review: City Crab

NYC is the home of many great things, including Restaurant Week. What was once originally intended to be a one-time event to welcome the Democratic National Convention in 1992 has become the ultimate culinary event.  Twice a year NYC hosts Restaurant Week (it’s actually now two weeks) where many of NYC’s top restaurants offer relatively affordable prix-fixe meals to attract new customers. This year I decided to join the festivities with my friends Elizabeth, Liz and Nelle and check out City Crab located in Union Square (19th Street and Madison Ave).

I spent the entire day at the office reviewing City Crab’s menu on their website. I had to decide whether I would partake in the prix-fixe three course dinner menu for $35 or go a la carte. Past experience has taught me to always review the Restaurant Week menu because sometimes the listed items are not good! I figure some restaurants create a sucky RW menu to lure new patrons and then trick them into ordering their high priced items. But I also previewed the menu for health reasons. All of us are far more likely to make healthier decisions when we’re not hungry and in a restaurant setting. Often the ambience, our friends, and the multitude of options lowers our inhibitions and we end up making decisions we regret later.

TIP: When eating out, always have a plan!!! Know what you’re going to eat ahead of time and what you’ll allow yourself. Because even if you fall off track a little bit, it won’t be as bad as totally falling off track. Allow yourself a margin of error, but otherwise enjoy it! I’ve learned your body deserves a cheat once in a while just as much as it deserves healthy food.

REVIEW: Our server was extremely nice and patient answering all our questions and waiting for us to decide what we wanted to order. Everything came out just the way it was described and tasted amazing- especially the 2 pound lobster with butter sauce. Ha! The restaurant was spacious and almost felt as though it weren’t located in NYC. When you live in NYC, that’s a good thing.

The best part is that I got to share all of this with my friends. That’s what RW is all about. It’s not about getting the best deal, or eating the greatest food but rather coming up with a good excuse to spend time with friends or loved ones and sharing a meal. There’s nothing more nourishing for the soul than great food and great company.

PS: There’s still time to enjoy Restaurant Week. Check out it our here.

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