If You Have No Self Control

This morning, I didn’t have time take the time to make a breakfast so I picked up a blueberry muffin with my coffee. Starches and sugars galore! As I sat at my desk eating my muffin top, I realized that I was eating TOWARDS my muffin top. So without another thought, I tossed my barely eaten muffin in the trash.

Sometimes we have to be as drastic as throwing things away. Sometimes we have to go about life doing things without thinking. I know this is counter-intuitive as our parents always taught us “think before you speak” or “look before you cross” but sometimes we have to be impulsive, drastic, and act without thinking otherwise nothing will change. We’ll come up with various excuses for staying the way your are and keeping unhealthy and/or destructive behaviors. Usually the conversation goes something like this:

Voice: “Hey, stop eating that.”

Brain: “But it’s so good.”

Voice: “Not good FOR you.”

Brain: “I just bought it. I can’t throw it away. That’d be wasteful.”

Voice: “You shouldn’t be eating that.”

Brain: “Do you know how many starving children there are in this world? I can’t throw it away.”

Voice: “Listen to me.”

Brain: “I just spent $$$ on this. I’m on a budget. I can’t afford to not eat this. I’ll work out tomorrow.”

Voice: “Yeah right.”

If you’re impulsive and drastic with change, your body will have no choice but to cooperate. What’s it going to do? Dig through the trash?

**This is my blueberry muffin in the trash can at the office.


One thought on “If You Have No Self Control

  1. I commend you! And to answer your question… Yes, I have dug through the trash. Today has been one awful lack-of-will-power day. I’ve fallen off the wagon and am being dragged behind it. Way to go, Grace! I commend you!!!

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