Starbucks Trenta

Starbucks announced that starting May 3 they will be offering a new cup size larger than the Venti called Trenta for iced drinks. Trenta means 30 in italian. The Trenta cup is 31 ounzes (30.9 to be exact) and 1 oz short of being a quart.

Bigger is not always better. The size of the cup isn’t what scares me. It’s America’s fascination with “more” that scares me. It’s not the drink that scares me either. It’s what America will put MORE OF in the drink that scares me. I’m sure a Trenta of plain coffee only comes out to about 15-30 calories. But if you add milk and sugar (and depending on the drink caramel, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream) to the Trenta drink it could be upwards to 1000 calories! That’s insane!!!

But look at the illustration. This drink is bigger than the average human stomach. What could you possibly love so much that you would want to fill your stomach to its brim and then some?

What is it about “more” that we love so much?

  • getting the biggest bang for our dollar
  • greed
  • gluttony
  • the thrill
  • security – making sure we have enough for later
  • pride – to be able to say I have more

Whatever the reason, they appear to be selfish. But if you must be one of the first to partake of the Trenta on May 3, break down your portions. Have half and save the rest for later. It’ll be budget and waist friendly!


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