Skinny/Fat Jeans

SKINNY jeans – I’m not referring to the pants that cut off circulation to your legs. I’m talking about the pair of jeans that you keep hidden in your closet for a good day. These are the jeans to which you aspire that one day you’ll be able to fit into them. Remember the “Sex and the City” episode when Mirana fits into her skinny jeans after giving birth to Brady and realizing she loves Steve? All is well in her world again because she was able to shimmy them on for a night.

FAT jeans- everyone has these too. They’re like granny panties (or the underwear we wear when we have our periods). These are the jeans you where when you’re lazy or are bloated. They’re roomy and broken in and you never want to get rid of them.

I’ve recently gone from a size 10 to a size 8. (Finally down in the single digits). My jeans that were somewhat “tight” or more form fitting and flattering have not become my fat jeans. Yesterday after being out all day in skinny jeans and knee high boots, I ran home and put these on. Ahhhh. That is until I realized that they were falling below my hips and I can no longer appropriately wear them.

I’m having a hard time getting rid of them. Not only because they’re one of my favorite pair of distressed jeans, but because I’m secretly afraid that one day I’ll need them again. What if I gain weight again and don’t have a pair of bigger pants? The other part of it is a loss of my old self. It’s something I’ve known for so long. While I hated being fat, I was comfortable because I knew who I was. With weight loss, I am having to learn how to be a new self. It’s exciting but incredibly scary.

Sometimes when we keep clothes that are not our size, we hurt ourselves. If we keep clothes that are too big you set yourself up for failure. When you keep your safety net and see that you can fall without hurting, you let yourself go (or fall). Keeping pants that are your current size keep you accountable and encourage you to keep going!

Then there’s the other size. When you keep clothes that you can’t fit into because they’re too small, we send negative messages to our brain sometimes. “This is what I USED to look like.” Why in the world would you want to constantly be reminded that you’re not where you want to be? It’s quite depressing. Put those away! That kind of negative thinking will do nothing to motivate you, it’ll increase the level of stress (and we know what that does to our bodies), and you’ll hate yourself.

Learn to love where you are now. Let go of the past (whether it’s a bigger or smaller you) and learn to love you at it’s current state. Your body will love you back for it. Tell yourself one thing today that you love about yourself.

Me: I love that I am committed to my health. While I may not love by body 100%, I’m learning to love it more and more each day. It allows me to run marathons, lift weights, have the energy to play with my young cousins, and enjoy the occasional glass of vino 🙂



2 thoughts on “Skinny/Fat Jeans

  1. Grace, I have really enjoyed readin your entries. I am so proud of you! I have gained almost all of my weight back and feeling quite defeated, but your entries are always a breath of fresh air.

  2. Damn, you skinny b****! I’m down to a size six — like solidly in a six. Not like I Fit Into The Relaxed-Cut-Six-At-One-Store. I was a 12 when I left New York. And losing weight in The City of Broad Shoulders, Hog Butcher to the World (and beer drinkers, all) — well, I’m not entirely sure how I’ve pulled it off, either. And it kind of scares me, too. Isn’t that weird?

    I finally threw away all my fat jeans. Well, first my roommate made me try them on for her, just to be inappropriate; then I threw them away. I still need to go through the rest of my clothes. But, anyway, DO IT!!!

    And drink your glass of wine. It’s good for your heart. 😉

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