Peer Pressure

The weirdest thing happened to me tonight. I met some old coworkers and friends for dinner at a local NYC Italian restaurant. When we got there, they pinned me down and force fed me 2 glasses of wine and lots of carb. They said they wouldn’t be friends with me unless I ate what they ate and threatened to walk out on me.

Ok, so that’s not what happened. But I did have two glasses of red wine, some polenta, roasted peppers and buffalo mozzarella, and a plate of risotto. Woof. I was in good company, enjoying our conversation, and was eating what everyone was eating.

I made several mistakes tonight:

1. I didn’t look at the menu ahead of time to plan what I was going to eat. The times when I’ve done my research and picked out healthy choices ahead of time when I wasn’t famished, I’ve been good choices. Today, I just looked at the specials and went with what I craved rather than choosing the lean protein and vegetables I clearly knew I should’ve had.

2. I didn’t plan ANY of my meals today. I knew I was going to be out of town on business, with very few healthy choices at the train stations. Besides me breakfast of eggs and spinach, I had sugar all day to keep me going. Not smart! Instead of taking my almonds, I took a Snicker’s bar. What the heck was I thinking? I know exactly what I was thinking: I’d starve the rest of the day and a fun-size snicker’s wasn’t going to hurt.

3. My friends didn’t disown me. They didn’t ridicule me. They might’ve judged me for eating spinach and mushrooms at an Italian restaurant but they wouldn’t have stopped being my friend. Most of the time, we eat what others eat because we feel judged or THAT girl that is always worried about her weight. Just a friendly reminder to us all- it’s not their life, it’s mine! These are MY choices and MY life. This is probably the one time/area where I can be selfish. And really, if someone stops being your friend because of your eating habits or doesn’t support your commitment to health, then I would question the quality of your friendship.

As much as I’m upset about making poor eating choices tonight, tomorrow is another day. I very much enjoyed my time with my friends and the food was delicious. I don’t need it every day. Remind yourself of that each and every day. You enjoyed it, but will not dwell on it. Each meal is a new opportunity to make better choices and eat healthy.



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