Think Positively

Everyday we think over 50,000 thoughts. What percentage would you say is positive? I asked myself this when I ran into a neighbor/friend at our local coffee shop and he told me about his gratitude journal. In the gratitude journal he writes down what he’s thankful for daily: his health, family, a consistent influx of clients, a muffin, etc. He started this a while ago when he realized that his negative thoughts outnumbered the positive in each day.

So often we do this not only with our diet but our lives. We sabotage ourselves by predicting the (negative) outcome. Our greatest obstacle in living to our full potential is not the difficulty of the task, or the elements, age, lack of talent or anything else– it is always ourselves. Mainly, I think we do this so we aren’t disappointed in the end. “I won’t get this job.” “I won’t lose these last 5 pounds.” “Who would want to date me?”


You deserve the best life possible whether that means a great job, great relationship, or great body. Nothing is unattainable with a lot of hard work and a little bit of faith.

In the mean time, until you get there…think positively. Not just think it, but write it down and/or say it out loud. It always seems more real or true that way. Think about the good things in the current state.

“My current job is filled with great people. I get to work with some of the nicest people.”

“Being single right now allows me to have more time to myself. I really enjoy that with the hectic schedule and busy NYC lifestyle.”

“I am a strong woman. I love that I can out run the guy at the gym. I love that I can pick up 10 pound dumbbells and see muscle definition in my arms.”

So as you go through your day and think your 50,000 thoughts, take note of whether they’re positive or negative. And when you encounter a negative, find a positive way to approach it. Here’s mine for the day:

Negative: “I can’t believe I just came from the gym and ate this cookie.”

Positive: “I went to the gym and worked my butt off! I am committed to my health and body long term and will take it one day at a time.”

Now you try it. Write your negative thought into a positive in the comments.


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