Happy New Year! As we kick off not only a new year but also new decade, let’s decide that it’s not a year for a new you but rather a better version of you. You are fine just the way you are- it’s much easier to try and be you rather than a whole different person. Don’t you think? Life is hard enough as it is!

The new year brings a time of reflection. What was the prior year like and how would you like the new year to be different? Do you make resolutions? Some people don’t believe it making resolutions for fear of failure. How often do you go to the gym in January and find that it’s full, only to find that its attendees drop like flies by March? Maybe you’re one of them. Often times we don’t keep our resolutions because yes, they are often unrealistic or far too many times we are not specific enough and don’t have a plan as to how we want to get there. While you sit down and make your resolutions, I encourage you to be specific and include your “plan of action” into the resolution. Examples:

“In 2011, I want to lose weight.” VS “I will lose 10 pounds this year. I will do that by trying to lose 1 pound per week and incorporating more veggies into my diet.”

“I will exercise more.” VS “I will run 1 organized race per month.” or “I will try a new class at my gym every week.”

Be specific and have a plan each week so you know what to do and expect. Also, notice that the resolutions have more “I will”s rather than “I won’t”s. Spinning resolutions in a positive light help your attitude. If your attitude is negative, the outcomes are negative.

Lastly, and most importantly, WRITE IT DOWN.  How often do you set goals and don’t keep them because you don’t remember them? Write down your goals and resolutions and have a time line so you keep yourself on track. And keep them in a place where you can see them daily, weekly, monthly. I write mine in my food log but I’ll share them with you later as well so you can keep me accountable. Feel free to share your resolution(s) in the comments.


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