Do It Now!

The holiday season is almost over. By now you’ve had one too many sugar cookies, too many glasses of wine, and a pound of holiday ham. Now you feel guilty for everything you’ve put into your body because you feel sluggish, heavy and tired. Instead of being down on yourself, decide to do something about it TODAY. Don’t wait until Monday morning or subsequently January 1 to get (back) on the bandwagon, or the treadmill. Do it NOW! You’re more likely to succeed if you do it immediately because you have an ounce of motivation from whatever sparked you (maybe it’s this blog). And healthy decisions become easier to make the more often you make them. So by January 1, you should almost be a pro at saying “no” to the second serving of champagne or saying “yes” to another round of arm presses.

What have you decided to do immediately to improve your health?


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